Buzzwords or relevant keywords?

All these years of blogging and SEO teach us one thing- „The key is to have keywords“.

But being a technical person, one would like to use technical words-the „buzzwords“.

For example if you own a blog related to Internet marketing, you would like to use a bit of jargon that you have learnt after spending so much time learning them all these years.

Using words like „Webinar“, „Long Tail“, „Web 3.0 (yes!!)“, etc, doesn’t necessarily mean that one wants to flaunt his knowledge about these words, but localizing these „jargons“ and using them in better „contexts“ can help lot more people to visit your blog.

People don’t like jargon, especially when they are beginners in a field and are out „there“ to learn about something. A psychology study clearly says that using jargon can even lead to undermining and questioning the person’s ability to read and understand the article/essay/chapter (under consideration).

Fact is that people won’t even type-in those words to search for what they want and your jargon will be just for you and few others like you!! Like to mention that this may not be the case always. For example if you own a website about „rationality“, then it makes sense to use words like „epistemology“, „selection-bias“, etc. in your posts or titles, since the intended audience is a group who either understands these terms or wants to learn about them. Again, that depends on the „scope“, I mentioned earlier.

For example „Webinar“ might be made simpler by using „online presentations“, which also means handing over the search power to user who is likely to search for these things using these keywords, and not using the buzzwords like Webinar. Google Insights on the same would validate my point.

Obviously as SEO experts, one should help the clients and make them understand these things or do it for them in some cases. It necessarily means more research on usage of keywords and the respective search analytics assessment (GOSH!! used a jargon there!!).

Lot of times, the content writer and the SEO expert will sit together to produce the required content which is rich in keywords. But as we all know, that should not be prime criteria while writing the content itself. A simple analogy-We can intake different vitamin and minerals along with our staple diet. Vitamins and minerals make the body healthy and are very essential to proper functioning of the body. It doesn’t mean that we can start feeding ourselves with vitamins and minerals and forget about the main source of energy, which are carbohydrates and fats.

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