Book Review: The Best Damn GOOGLE SEO Book

LooMag Book Review: The Best Damn GOOGLE SEO Book
Published: February 2, 2009

– Black & White Edition: Search Engine Optimization Techniques that will Increase your Search Engine Ranking! (Paperback)

This short Google SEO book will cover pretty much everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization in a non-confusing matter. When it comes to Internet and/or Web Marketing today you must have an understanding of exactly what SEO is, it’s purposes, and most of all, how to implement it when designing your web pages. Understanding Search Engine Optimization is critical for proper Web Development. Search Engines are how most of the sites are going to generate the bulk of their site traffic. So I wanted to create a quick reference book that’s easy to understand for both the Novice and Advanced Webmaster alike.

I don’t think any book these days can claim to be „the best“ but if you’re truly wanting to understand Google SEO Techniques in a quick easy-to-read format, then this book’s for you. It lays out a precise & undertsandable format to achieve better rankings for any search engine really, not just Google.

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