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It’s a good thing to get unique traffic to your website everyday. In fact, this is the sole of any business one ventures into online, and hopes to see results. So, are you telling me that you have a website that is already live and yet no visitors to them. First of all, I would like to know what your business is all about. Do you render a service or do you sell a product? This could be the most important question you can ask yourself. Why? because, the level of visitors you may need might vary from selling a product to rendering a service. The truth is that people all over the world responds more to online services delivery far better than a product that will not even change their status quo. If you render a service like: website designing, e-cover designs, scripts installation, internet consulting, people will tend to respond to your website more than someone who puts up a website where he sells electronic books, CDs and tapes. But, you can never escape traffic generation. I am not here today to show you some websites that are common, no! I have come to actually reveal unnoticed means of getting ready visitors to your website on a daily basis.

Well, enough of all these stories, before I start sounding like a Preacher. If you want to blow up your website with traffic before the day dawns, then read through.

I do not mean you should take a shovel and dig a big hole on your website where people can fall into. It sounds funny; right? Well, this was the method my mentor revealed to me. He actually warned me not to show anyone because he believes that people can misuse it. The first day I came across this website, I saw stories, news, events, thoughts and creative writings all displayed in their respective categories. One thing that amazed me was the fact that the news, stories e.t.c. could not be actually read on digg, but on the publishers website. Can you imagine the level of traffic this website can bring in to you. Digg has been around for a long time now. They help in easy site indexing. They increase your Google page rank and guess what? millions of people the world over use digg. Just go ahead and register an account with them for free. Click on add new story. Put in the appropriate contents and write a brief of your story or article on digg. When you do this, you have succeeded in setting a live trap for visitors. Can you imagine what digg is doing to the world of traffic generation? yet, people have neglected it since. Stop all these Pay Per Click advertising that sucks your hard earned money like a mosquito. Start digging your website at digg and drive the visitors you need everyday. Remember, the total time spent could be about 30 minutes digging your websites/blogs, and total investment is zero dollars. Go for it today.

This sounds like a surprise to you. Please don’t mind my mode of writing. I am a professional writer. I know how to use words to build a mansion. To be frank with you, these traffic tips I am sharing free of charge with you, they have been my means of livelihood. I mean, I have ebooks written on web traffic tips which is being sold online. But, I just felt it could be nice to let the cat out of the bag by showing them to you. Afterall, life is not all about money making, its more of imparting others.

Well, if you visit dropjack website, you will see a lot of new stories submitted by people like you. Can you imagine that on the 23rd of September, 2008, I got an estimated 4300 unique visitors to my website. This happened within 3 hours of posting my story. This website is quite similar to digg because the full content is always on your website not on theirs. Dropjack is a highly trafficated social site. People all over the world are eager to read your stories no matter how bad you think of them. You can submit anything story ranging from family, health, investment, society, internet business, fashion, world news, opportunities e.t.c. But never you forget to link back to your website. This is very important. You see, I have revealed the secret to you on a platter of gold. This information was valued at $46 but you have it free. It’s all yours, start right away. Register a free account and start submitting stories that are related to your website. This is easy, flexible, unnoticed but highly effective.

Although this has been going on for long, the secret behind it was recently discovered by top internet marketers and internet traffic saints. There are a whole lot of blogs/websites that gives useful information. At the bottom of the webpage, you would be asked to write a review or comment on topics or the article you have read. This is where the bomb is buried. On the form, a space would be provided where you can insert your url. Do you know what that means? TRAFFIC. But this is where a lot of us miss it. Do not be bored of writing comments because it’s a key to unique visitors on your website. If you can only review another website or blog in a positive way, if you are a creative writer like me; there would be a way to lure ready visitors to your website. In your review or comments, provoke a thought in them. Let them know that you have a lot of useful information on your own website. And you know that information sell like hot cakes. This tip will not only bring in the traffic you need today, but it will help your website to become highly ranked on search engines. Start reviewing and commenting on other people’s website today. It’s a never known traffic strategy that highly successful internet entrepreneurs use. It has worked for them. It has worked for me. It’s easy and free. Act today.

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