Backlinks: 6 Important Strategies to Getting More

Also referred to as IBLs or inbound links, backlinks are a necessary ingredient for high search engine page ranking. If you want your website or blog or article to rise to the top of search engine results pages, you need to have a lot of backlinks. This indicates to the search engines that your site receives a lot of traffic. The more traffic you get, the higher your ranking. You know how they say you need to have money to make money? Well, it’s true about web traffic as well. You need to have web traffic to get more web traffic.

So how do you go about getting these all-important backlinks that will help you to increase your ranking?

If you have money to spare, you can submit your website/blog/article to directory submission services. Perhaps one of the oldest methods to get backlinks, these services charge a fee in exchange for backlinks. They’ll select which relevant directories to submit your site or article to (these can number in the thousands), do the submissions for you, and guarantee to give you X amount of backlinks. You can also opt to do the submissions yourself to sites such as Yahoo Directory. These will get you authority backlinks, but you have to pay the price.

For those who would rather utilize free methods to get backlinks, there are many ways to go about building web traffic.

1. Write articles with quality content and submit these to article directories. Ezine Articles and Go Articles, Article Alley, Article Base, and Buzzle are some good sites. There are many others. By submitting articles, you get backlinks from high page rank directories plus when other people publish your articles in their sites, you get additional backlinks to your site. The content of your article is important. When you have useful and informative content, your readers are encouraged to link to your article. Give your articles compelling titles in order to elicit attention from readers.

2. Join forums relevant to your site and post comments and blogs which link back to your site/article. Again, make your posts informative or at least relevant and encouraging.

3. Comment on blogs related to your niche. Contribute useful and relevant information when commenting on blogs. Link your comment to your article or to relevant content on your website. Do this often. It’s a marvelous way to interact with other bloggers and gain credibility for yourself as you increase backlinks to your site.

4. Bookmark your web pages, using popular bookmarking sites such as,,,, etc. You may want to use to do this. It’s a free tool that helps you cut the time you spend in submitting to social bookmarking sites.

5. Use the services of Free Traffic System. This is a free tool that publishes the articles you submit to hundreds of relevant blogs that link back to your article or website. This will result in increased traffic and higher page ranking.

6. Submit your site to popular web directories like Yahoo Directory and DMOZ. You can submit for free although it may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months before the search engines list your site. It’s worth the wait though.

Remember though that not all backlinks are created equal – at least not in the sight of search engines. So you must ensure that you get high quality backlinks. Search engines are known to devalue links from directories with low page ranking. They also get very suspicious if you all of a sudden have thousands of new backlinks. They’ll think you’re spamming and lower your ranking. So if you’re going to submit to directories, don’t submit all at once. Spread out your submissions over a period of time so that the search engines view you as building backlinks naturally. I’ve given you 6 good strategies for creating backlinks to your website/blog/article and increasing your search engine ranking. Use them and watch your Google and other search engine ranking shoot up.

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