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Powerful and Free Source of Web Hosting Services

A view Days ago, I needed to find a new Web Host for a new Onlineproject.
Because I didn´t want to place my new project on my existing Web Host I started a search on google.
The Result: Hundrets of Hosting-Agencies – waiting for me to sign-up a contract.
I had not that much time to check all of those Providers and so I was looking for something like a  Hosting-Search-Site or webhosting.
What I got was perfect: Web Hosting Choice  is A Free WebHosting-Guide with a lot of additional Information about Hosing Companies. ( I am still wondering why I didn´t hear about this Service before )
So you can see the hot details of a Host before visiting …

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Heard About Keywords? They Make Your Site Rich!

Today I’m going to tell something I have learned from my recent experience with online earning. If you ask me my online income range, well, not good. Its still too bad!! But I’m not giving up and I assure that soon I will be making thousands of dollars inline. I’m on it now.
One of the keys to have your site fresh and alive is to have your site content fresh and unique. Are these enough? May be; but still more important things exist. The KEYWORDs! If you are new to this term, you may seem helpful. If not, just have a refreshment about the importance of keywords.
The Search Engines, those mighty dragons of the web …

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How To Generate A FLOOD Of Free Website Traffic

When I look back on my 12 years of being “an Internet marketer” one topic has earned me more money, and caused more online marketers incredible frustration, than any other.
That topic is actually getting visitors to your website and converting those visitors into customers.
The great fact is that without website visitors you really AREN’T in business.
This whole traffic generation “thing” is incredibly simple though. You just need to identify where a LOT of your ideal customers are, and then you need to be highly visible there.
Your website visitors, and future customers, find you by following links sprinkled across the web. So, the secret is to get your links in all the right places.
Since time is …

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The Powerful Passive Income Generator!

Webmasters have a revolutionary new method of collecting income from their websites.
Whereas in the past advertising revenue was reserved for those sites with large a coming and going of visitors, now even teenagers are making a quick buck with their online hobby blogs. People place adsense on their online family photo albums, their blogs and their business sites.
The minimum you would get, even with a small amount of traffic, is for adsense to pay for your hosting costs. Adsense revolutionized the world of paid advertising; banner advertising is based on the number of visitors you attract to your site, so the number of “banner impressions” dictate the revenue you receive. Google Adsense is quite different; …

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Linking Strategies: “To Buy or not to Buy, That is the Question”

By Merle
Buying text links for your website is a highly controversial subject online. Like it or not, approve of the practice or disapprove, it does exist and there are many website owners who are doing it. I’m not going to debate the issue one way or the other; just shed some light on what some consider a “gray subject.”
So why would you want or need to buy a text link on another website? It all goes back to “link popularity.” Search engines look at how many other sites are linking to yours when deciding on your ranking. Granted, this is just one criterion, but nevertheless an important one to pay attention to.
If you don’t …

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“The New Kid in Town”: MSN AdCenter

By Merle
If you use Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture) for your pay per click advertising, you’ll want to “listen up”. There’s a new competitor on the scene “MSN Ad Center”. Microsoft’s pay per click program is called “MSN Keywords” which is the first of several advertising options they have planned.
At the time of this writing the only way to participate in this “pilot program” is by invitation only. Rumor has it they should be going public with the launch towards the middle of this year. If you’d like to be considered for participation you can sign up at …
If you’re already a client you can log into your …

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Best Social Networking Sites

Connecting with long lost friends and meeting some new ones along the way are the greatest advantages of social networking sites. These websites serve numerous purposes and combine a plethora of communications functions. Email, instant messaging, message boards, discussion groups and file sharing capabilities reflect the extent to which social networking sites connect us through the Internet.

When one thinks of social networking, MySpace usually comes to mind. reports that MySpace allows users to create profiles, friends lists and post bulletins to their friends or communities with the click of a button. MySpace also boasts professor ratings and college and high school community groups for anyone looking for those with common interests.

Facebook, another popular social …

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How should Web Analysts spend the average work day?

LooMag Book Presentation October 2007
A Must Have: Web Analytics: An Hour a Day
If you visit a website, you leave behind a significant amount of data (mostly anonymous), whether you buy something or not. The website knows every “aisle” you walked down, everything you touched and everything you put in your cart and then discarded.
If you buy, the site manager has data about where you came to the website from, which promotion you are responding to, how many times you have purchased before and so on. If you simply visited and left the website, it still knows everything you did and in the exact order you did it in.
Add to this the fact that now there …

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