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Rank For Competitive Keywords in Google Organic Search Results With Videos

As more and more businesses and websites find their way online, search engine rankings have become the new Wall Street jungle. High placement on major keywords can be gold to businesses as the traffic they generate can mean millions.
For many websites the power larger websites hold with more resources and more money can be overwhelming. You have a weapon to get to the top of Google rankings for competitive keywords. The answer is videos and especially YouTube.
YouTube was bought my Google and shows up exceptionally high in Google organic rankings. Do a test. I bet you that for just about every major keyword there is a video showing up on the front page. If there …

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Here is the “System” to top ranking in Google

Want The Free advertising Technique To Getting A Top Listing On Google?
Here is the “System” to top ranking in Google that anyone can do if they know how:
1) Shoot a video, upload it to several of the video upload sites like YouTube.
2) When you upload your site use the keywords you wish to rank in in your title and description of your video.
3) Next grab a free blog and put your new video on the blog and write up a little article about it and use the keyword(s) you want in the title and description… again…
4) Now go to and type in the URL to the blog that has your new video on it …

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