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SEO: Let The Sitemap Work For You

Large websites having 50 or more pages should not go beyond 30 since this adds more pages to the site, and might make search engines think that the sitemap is a link farm. The full and restricted sitemaps are very similar except that the former displays all links in all categories all at once in a page, while the latter focuses only the links under the selected category for easier and less eye-straining viewing.
Give keyword-rich titles to sitemap links. As such, it is actually a useful tool in search engine optimization.
What is a sitemap?
Potential advertising value. If it so happens that a relevant product or service company reaches your site, then it would be easier …

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SEO Tools for Keyword Research: 8 Popular Keyword Tools Reviewed

Keyword research is the first and most important stage of every marketing plan. It’s one of those activities where the choice of tools determines the success.
So here are 8 most powerful and effective SEO tools for keyword research you should certainly be using:
1. AdWords Keyword Tool
You enter some of your keywords and the tool gives you a list of keyword suggestions accompanied by traffic and competition stats for each search phrase. The tool is originally designed for Pay-Per-Click advertisers but it works just as well for organic SEO research.
2. Google Search-Based Keyword Tool
An SEO tool from Google that suggests keywords on the basis of what users are actually searching for on Google. There are two …

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