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Easy ways to boost and monitoring your search engine position

This means you must come up with a strategy to monitor your search engines positions. This strategy is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. Think of your search engine positions as your online portfolio. Would you let your stock portfolio be ruled by chance and market fluctuations, or would you keep close tabs on your stocks so you could buy and sell when the time is right? This is the way you must consider your search engines positions.
Be aware that at first, after you have launched your search engine campaign and done all the right things to increase your rankings, you will most likely see a continual upward climb. What you need to …

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My keywords are hurting my business!

Hey, you say, aren’t keywords supposed to be good for me?
We know that keywords are the foundation on which any SEO strategy is build. The pages you will create are optimized around the keywords, the content you will create will be focused around those keywords, the links you build will be to those keyword pages, and you will syndicate and promote those same keyword pages across relevant user, web and social communities.
So this brings us to the conclusion that choosing the right keywords can make or break your SEO campaign ahead.
Some examples of wrong keywords:
1. The keyword has very little or no traffic 2. The keyword has not been searched for in the past 2 …

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SEO and Zen: Ranking without trying to Rank

Originally, our SEO strategy blog was my supposed to be our team’s research checklist for our SEO research team. We used it to essentially be an online notepad that contained a universal theme of our ongoing research projects. Now, the blog is ranking well for search terms like, “SEO strategy Orange County” (first page of Google) and other related search terms. I was astounded when I found the blog was ranking on the first page for a few other quality search terms as well. So, how can this happen? We never intended for this blog to rank high for competitive, highly sought after first page placements on Google. A review of these factors might shed …

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