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Mistakes that occur during Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing these days to build up and grow a net oriented business. To gain better ranking on the search results of the search engines is the primary concern of all the website owners and Search Engine Optimization is needed for doing that more efficiently.
These days there are a lot of SEO firms cropping up now and then and along with that it is also noticed that without proper knowledge, rather perfect knowledge, there occurs a lot of mistakes in search engine optimization. Sometimes these also happen without the notice of the webmasters. Here in this article we shall discuss about some of these mistakes that are so often …

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5 Most Common SEO Mistakes

I am going to write about 5 most common mistakes made when optimising your site for the search engines like google, yahoo or If you are new to SEO do study them carefully and the search engines will love your site and rank it high in the results. But there are plenty of mistakes to be made, so don not be the one who is making them. Without further talking, let us go straight to the 5 most common SEO mistakes:
1. Using duplicate content
This is quite a common mistake. You start a blog or a website, make a few posts or some sub pages. But now you’re getting too lazy to continue writing unique …

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