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The End of Google Best Practice Funding – How Will This Affect Your Business?

At the start of 2009, Google ended their Best Practice Funding scheme. BPF was established in 2006 to aid the growing focus on search marketing amongst agencies, and also to promote skills training and the usage of new technology in the sector. So now that BPF is coming to an end, how will this affect the digital marketing campaigns of businesses in the new year?
Best Practice Funding succeeded in terms of the growth of Google in Europe, the advancement of agencies, and search marketing as a whole. But BPF was exploited by some clients changing between marketing agencies to benefit from the scheme, as well as agencies themselves using the funding to win contracts by …

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Don’t Understand Search Engine Marketing? You’re Not Alone

While many companies utilize SEM (search engine marketing), I’m continually astonished at the number of executives who don’t really understand it and aren’t using it yet.  If you are secretly confused about how to leverage Google and Yahoo! to improve your marketing effectiveness, then this blog entry is for you. If you have some expertise in this area, you can skip this article, as it is too basic for you.
“Search Engine Marketing,” or SEM, encompasses everything to do with using search engines to advertise your business. There are three main categories within SEM:
•     Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is also called “organic” or “natural” search. This means that you don’t pay Google, Yahoo! or anyone …

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