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How to be top rank in Bing Search Engine?

Bing – the newest search engine introduce by Microsoft. It is mostly like other search engine that you can use keywords search or phrases to browse for different websites. But, for its being new, there is advance feature that change the way SEO works. In this search engine, you do not have to bother putting your site in search engines and identify the keywords that you need to use to be high positioned in search engines.
As for business and website owners, having same goal in this field- which is being high ranked in every search engine page results, asking how they can be most visible in this search engine for them to excel the most. …

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How you can Guarantee a Top Spot on the Search Engine Pages

Do you want to achieve guaranteed search engine ranking for your website? Some people may take this question as a pure joke. They think that to guarantee the ranking of any website on top of the search engine result pages is nothing but a big joke.
Well actually, I can’t really blame these people. I’ve been in their shoes once when I was just starting to find my way around on the internet, and boy do I still remember how frustrating it is when you can’t even get your website to show on the first page of Google. But that was just me before, when I was still a newbie.
A guaranteed website ranking is very much …

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How To Get Your Website Ranked In The Search Engines Title

If you’re trying to make money on the internet, the best thing you can do is get your website ranked on the first page of search results forthe major search engines .
Because, ranking on the first page of results gives you the opportunity to get quality traffic to your money-making offer, without costing you any money!
This means that any sales you make off of a free website ranking is pure, 100% profit!!!
But then that begs the question: How do you do it?
After all, search engines are confusing! They’re
always changing, and they rely on super-high-tech
algorithms that are top secret to rank websites.
Right? Right?
Well… sort of. Yes, search engines are always
changing, and they are run by top …

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SE-News: Tazoodle

Google has dominated the search engines for over a decade now and there is no indication that it is slowing down. Its advertising revenue in 2008, for example, significantly exceeded its 2007 earnings. Online searchers using the Google portal in 2008 initiated billions of searches – impressive numbers.
Tazoodle is a new generation of search engine set to compete with Google. Created by Steve Duval and his advisory board, Tazoodle is set to wage war with all the top search engines. What makes the new search engine a worthy competitor is the fact that it offers a unique business model – sharing its revenue with both advertisers and search engine users.
Although still in pre-launch phase, Tazoodle …

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Competely Improve Page Rank and Search Engine Ranking? Is it be Worth It?

The Google Page Rank or PR for short is a ranking system created by Google that aids with their search algorithm. Each website is allotted aworth from nil to 10 with 10 being the highest. When your site is brand spanking new it is instantly allotted a value of zero.
Your goal is to get that number up to 10, which isn’t straightforward, but it can be done, it just takes work. Realistically you’re looking to attain 5 to 8 which is really good. Having said that here are some systems you can use to help increase your Google Page Rank and appear higher on those Google search lists. Google looks positively upon sites when other …

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URL Structure – It is Important For Search Engines and SEO

The URL structure can play a very important part of any SEO campaign and is something that you should always take great care and consideration when planning a new website, again, especially more so if the site is going to be driven by a database with thousands of possible data outputs.
What Is The URL Structure?
It is very easy to go into unnecessary complex details when explaining what the URL structure of a website is, and indeed there are a few elements, but the basic answer is the URL structure is how your URL looks to search engines and of course your clients.
Take for example two different websites, WebsiteA and WebsiteB. Both sites deliver thousands of …

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What is algorithmic search?

This article explains a few things about google search engine, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know or what you do.
I will talk about Google, because I believe and most others who know a bit about search engines, believe Google to be the master of all search engines.
if your trying to promote your website don’t look at it and say oh ye, very nice website it looks the part, but if your site has very few friends, then you’ll for sure die a sudden death over a very short time.
Your site should be a professional looking site as well but this I don’t think …

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Will Bing Really Make A Difference In The Search Engine Wars?

It is a story of déjà vu all over again. Microsoft has launched another search engine in an attempt to make some progress in the search engine wars. The question is whether Bing will actually end up making any difference?
The field of battle plays out as follows. Google controls the vast amount of it and is looking dangerously aggressive regarding those parts it does not control. Microsoft controls a very small section of the field, but has hordes of ammunition [cash] and is looking for a way to use it. Yahoo has its own section, but is under siege and appears ripe for the taking. This leaves Microsoft and Google as our two main predators.
Google …

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