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How Professional Bloggers Get Rich

Thousands of savvy people enjoy a well paid career as a professional blogger. Some blog full-time, some part-time. Some blog as a hobby. Yet one thing most bloggers have in common in that they incorporate sponsored google AdSense ads or affiliate ads within their blog as a way to generate income.
The most common desire among all bloggers is to achieve the highest affiliate revenue they can. Everyone has an opinion on this matter, and I have one too. The difference between opinions in this regard is some opinions are backed with hefty revenue checks each month, while other opinions are based on frustration from less fruitful efforts.
Lets examine the difference between a successful blogger and …

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The Secret Of Ranking Tops In Google – The Free Way

Newbies all over the world ask me this question each and every day…
It go’s somewhere along the line of hey Ryan, How do I get more targeted Traffic or how do i get my site to surpass all the competition in my niche and rank tops for my targeted keywords. Well it’s easier said that done. While some niche can be overwhelmed and dominated in mere hours while other take way more time and effort.
Here are some of the variables you need to take into consideration when trying to rank tops:
- On-Page optimization: In the form of targeted content, unique content including targeted keywords, Title and Image tags to name a few…
- Off page optimization:
- …

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