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Microsoft bing: pros and cons

Microsoft has unveiled its re energized search engine “Bing”, after building upon improvement concepts of its original search engine “Live Search”. While the previous Live Search engine might have a narrow range of hits for each search term, the Bing seems to have come up with impressive additions to make your browsing experience pleasant.
The first thing is the “related searches” attribute. Now, for every search term that you enter into Bing, you will get a list of search results and also a short list of related search results visible nicely on the left side of the computer screen. This makes the browsing experience of either a novice computer user or an experienced researcher more time-saving …

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Secrets Behind Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become a given in search marketing optimization. Whenever you have a new blog or web content, and you want the search engines to quickly index, it is advisable to bookmark your blog with the social bookmarking sites. In most of the times, your web content would be quickly indexed.
What is happening behind the scene? Search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing are looking for newer content. Search engines look for newer content at all places. Social bookmarking sites are magnets because they are supposed to have original content.
When you want to remember something, you would create an association. When you want to remember a webpage or website, you would place it in your favorites …

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How to be top rank in Bing Search Engine?

Bing – the newest search engine introduce by Microsoft. It is mostly like other search engine that you can use keywords search or phrases to browse for different websites. But, for its being new, there is advance feature that change the way SEO works. In this search engine, you do not have to bother putting your site in search engines and identify the keywords that you need to use to be high positioned in search engines.
As for business and website owners, having same goal in this field- which is being high ranked in every search engine page results, asking how they can be most visible in this search engine for them to excel the most. …

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Will Bing Really Make A Difference In The Search Engine Wars?

It is a story of déjà vu all over again. Microsoft has launched another search engine in an attempt to make some progress in the search engine wars. The question is whether Bing will actually end up making any difference?
The field of battle plays out as follows. Google controls the vast amount of it and is looking dangerously aggressive regarding those parts it does not control. Microsoft controls a very small section of the field, but has hordes of ammunition [cash] and is looking for a way to use it. Yahoo has its own section, but is under siege and appears ripe for the taking. This leaves Microsoft and Google as our two main predators.
Google …

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