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Book Review: The Best Damn GOOGLE SEO Book

LooMag Book Review: The Best Damn GOOGLE SEO Book
Published: February 2, 2009
– Black & White Edition: Search Engine Optimization Techniques that will Increase your Search Engine Ranking! (Paperback)

This short Google SEO book will cover pretty much everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization in a non-confusing matter. When it comes to Internet and/or Web Marketing today you must have an understanding of exactly what SEO is, it’s purposes, and most of all, how to implement it when designing your web pages. Understanding Search Engine Optimization is critical for proper Web Development. Search Engines are how most of the sites are going to generate the bulk of their site traffic. So I wanted …

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How should Web Analysts spend the average work day?

LooMag Book Presentation October 2007
A Must Have: Web Analytics: An Hour a Day
If you visit a website, you leave behind a significant amount of data (mostly anonymous), whether you buy something or not. The website knows every “aisle” you walked down, everything you touched and everything you put in your cart and then discarded.
If you buy, the site manager has data about where you came to the website from, which promotion you are responding to, how many times you have purchased before and so on. If you simply visited and left the website, it still knows everything you did and in the exact order you did it in.
Add to this the fact that now there …

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A MustHave: 49 Marketing Secrets (That Work) to Grow Sales

LooMag Book Presentation

49 Marketing Secrets is a book that was conceived to fill the void on marketing books that is tailored to the small business owner. Many of the problems I have solved with my clients are marketing problems: they don’t understand marketing, they don’t know who to trust, they don’t know what to do. The objective of the book is to provide an inexpensive and safe place for mall business owners to turn to receive trusted advice from people who have been there. The book was written by marketing experts and business owner and it describes what they implemented to grow their business. We can all become great marketers. In this book you will …

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