Paid Internet Marketing Traffic

Does the phrase “you have to spend money to make money” still ring true, especially when there are so many free forms of marketing stategies available to internet marketers?
After all, there are content sites and social networking sites that will give you web space and a web presence at no cost. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a little bit of time.
Is there any reason to spend money while setting up your campaign? There is: pay per click (PPC) advertising.
Many people avoid pay per click advertising. The reasoning is that they can drive traffic to their sites using other methods and pay per click is just money down the drain. Well, …

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Why Most Link Building Advice Is Bunk

When it comes to getting your internet site to rank better in the search engines, the most significant thing you can do is get more quality links to your website. The major search engines like Google will tell you to do this by providing quality content on your pages and folk will naturally link to you over time.
The only problem with this is if your internet site is new and you have no links, it is irrelevant how much great content you have if you don’t have any links no-one’s going to see it.
Learn how to increase website traffic at
Which brings me to the ambiguity. If you have a site that ranks well in …

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Top Secret Way To Get Google AdWords Pay-Per-Clicks FREE

A new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to get your Google AdWords pay-per-clicks FREE!
A gentleman from New York discovered what he calls an “oversight” on the part of 99.9% of all marketers that allows him to get otherwise paid-for advertising at Google as well as all other search engines that allow sponsored ads.
And no, nothing about his “secret” is illegal – nor does it require that you know someone on the “inside” at Google, Yahoo, MSN, Overture and others.
Instead, the New Yorker boasts proudly “…this is something that I caught onto just before 2000 when there was so much search engine craze running around, and started doing small just to test …

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Are You Losing Visitors? Your Website Need Sales Copywriting

Has your website traffic taken a nosedive? Are visitors leaving your site without making a purchase?
The solution can be quality sales copywriting.
You can offer the best product available with a price that beats any other price around, and if you do not have good quality sales content on your website, you will not make any sales.
Most people will find your website for the first time through a search engine. To get picked up by search engines, you need a sales copywriter who is skilled at choosing the right key words, and then optimizing your copy. That is because quality sales copywriting is a special skill. Anyone can throw a few keywords on a written page, …

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Internet Marketing Through Contextual Link Building

A website is a strong marketing tool and the most lucrative websites are those that get top positions on search engine results. In order to capture the right target audience in droves you must ensure that your site rises to the first or second of the search engine results.
One way link building is a highly effective means of generating top ranks in SERP or search engine result pages. One of the most ethical manners of doing this is called contextual link building. It is a legally acceptable tactic to utilize the internet as an effective marketing tool.
One-Way Link Building: The Standard Operating Procedure
When the internet was established as a valuable marketing and advertising medium, link …

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Have You Ever Read Those Full Page Ads in Biz Op Magazines and Wondered if…..

I just received my current issue of Home Business Connection, a monthly magazine about opportunities to start your own business. They have such headlines as:
• $213,000 in 31 days… • Make Pile$ of Ca$h in your first 30 days… • $600 a Day!…. • True Confessions of a 6-figure a Month earner…. • What Do You Really Need to Make $10,000 a Month?…. • You Could Easily Earn $5000-$10,000+ Every Month…. • Make $3000 per week… • A Million Dollar Formula That Works For Anyone….
To name just a few. Can you really make that kind of money? Are they true, or are they lying? Or maybe just stretching it a little bit. In the research …

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Google And Mozilla’s Partnership

For many years, Google and Mozilla have had a good relationship that has been beneficial to both parties. Google has actively promoted the Mozilla FireFox browser and in exchange, Google has been the default search engine for FireFox. With over 20% of the market share, FireFox is the second most popular browser available and has Millions of users in the UK alone. Understandably, being the default search engine for FireFox is a coveted position. In fact, almost 90% of Mozilla’s revenue comes from this partnership with Google.
Last year, Google launched its own browser, Chrome, and this has changed things considerably. Whilst the introduction of Chrome does not necessarily signify the end of the Google / …

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Limiting Page Links

Recently, Matt Cutts wrote a post on his blog outlining the reasons to keep the number of links on a page to a sensible number. Google’s webmaster guidelines states that the number of links on a page should be kept to under 100. In reality, this is a generous number and most people in the know would recommend less than half this number as an acceptable limit.
A common fear is that too many links will make a site look like a link farm, causing it to be penalised. Link farms are spam pages that often have hundreds of links on a page and are generally banned pretty quickly by Google. However, Matt states that the …

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