What Starbucks Taught Me About Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to having a lot of options for coffee you can’t really beat Starbucks. It seems that there’s virtually a store on every corner. Bad planning or an intentional marketing ploy? It’s been statistically proven that the more Starbucks stores there are in a – mile radius the better each individual store will do. So what does this mean for your Internet marketing campaign? It means that the more ‘stores’ you own, the better your main store will do.
Here’s a real-time illustration: if you have a main website and five incoming links, you’ll get traffic to the main site from five places. Now this doesn’t mean you need five additional sites along with …

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Link Building Development – Advanced Link Building Strategies

Link development is also an imperative tool for a better search engine optimization. Link building creates a link environs in which you add relevant related website links. When your website has more than a few related links then it becomes easier for search engines to locate your website. Link development is basically the link exchange between two websites. Links should be exchanged with related websites; links are some related to your business.
You can add numerous links but if your website won’t be authentic then none will accept your request .More the links more popular you become for search engines. But, be careful while exchanging links. If you exchange links with websites which are banned or …

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Internet Marketing vis-a-vis Web Development

Every business in the world has two aspects – one side deals with expansion and the other deals with marketing. No one can think of one in isolation. When it comes to the modern business, we can’t imagine its identity without the presence of internet as most of the consumers are now heavily dependent on internet. Hence, while developing and designing a website, the aspect of internet marketing is taken into consideration. Let me tell you how web development can impact the concept of internet marketing.
Java Script
Search engines are the soul of internet marketing. They decide the ranking of your website on the basis of a number of criteria and scripting language is one …

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Google Optimization in the SEO Process

Google optimization is one of the most critical factors for search engine optmisation campaign. Google is above all the search engines. Google is based on the key factors as the Google page rank, the renowned Google sand box and inbound links.
Google optimization depends on the three key factors, Google page rank, Google sand box and the inbound links. In the process of optimizing a website you should always see the inbound links pointing to your website domain and pages. Google makes all the difference with the quality of one way inbound links. So you should concentrate on getting quality inbound links for your website. This can be done by article writing, buying links and link …

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How to Use Relevance in Your Web Content

If you really want to know how to use relevance in your web content for any page on your website, and write content for your website that cannot be misconstrued, you have to open your eyes and look at what you are writing. I have read so much hysterical tripe online, even on the first page of Google from reasonably respected websites, that I despair for the intelligence of many people.
Given that their sites are not at #1 – #5 due to a lack of ability or intelligence, then I also despair for their honesty. Who really cares about complex mathematical equations? This big term ‘Latent Semantic Indexing’, or LSI for short, is …

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Current and Future Search Trends – What the Top Internet Search Engines Are Doing

The future of search is unclear – what is clear is that change is rapidly happening for all of the top Internet search engines. Google as always is the frontrunner for many of these search trends, but even little guys like Ask.com are making waves. In this article, I will attempt to cover some of the more interesting search trends that are occurring today with the top Internet search engines – but I am by no means being comprehensive about the subject. Things are changing on a weekly, or sometimes even daily, basis, and future articles will cover additional developments in depth.
Universal Search
In May 2007, Google – the leader among top Internet search engines — …

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7 Days to a Better Blog

Blogging has become a popular way to make a bit of money and make yourself known as an expert in your particular niche. But too many bloggers think they can just put up any old site, write a few posts, and watch the money come rolling in. This is not likely to happen for most people.
If you want to really make money with your blog, it needs to be organized and well-written. Do you want a few tips on how to make your blog better? Keep reading to find out how you can have a better blog in just 7 days.
Day 1: Get Organized. Get a notebook that you can keep on hand to jot …

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Go Link Fishing with These Linkbaiting Hooks

If you’re a blogger or website owner then you’ve run into the issue of finding traffic to your site. It isn’t that people don’t trust you, well some don’t, but the fact is most people just have never heard of you or your website. It isn’t that big of a problem. It happens to every site once and awhile. Even recognized blogs sometimes need a boost in traffic. Linkbaiting is the answer all search engine optimization services will give you.
Good linkbait comes from great content. Your linkbait content needs to make a promise to the reader about what they will be reading, learning, or achieving from your site. All of the subsequent content should be …

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