Doing Only SEO is Not Enough

Everybody talks about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) – and without a doubt it is important. Your website is useless if you don’t have traffic. In addition to giving you more traffic, SEO also gives you relevant traffic – it is much more likely that the people who end up on your website through search engines are actually interested in what you are offering.
It is important to realize that getting a lot of traffic to your website is not the ultimate goal – it is a means to an end. Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to build a relationship with your potential clients? It is absolutely …

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Paid Link Pain of Google’s Iron Fist

Google has come down hard on paid links. Don’t believe me? Just ask sites like washingtonpost, forbes, and many other high profile sites that have just had their page rank reduced by two to four points. Are you still considering hiring that SEO firm that offers “paid text links” or “paid ad buys” as part of their strategy? I hope not.
Google staff began talking about an upcoming shakedown on paid links several months ago. One of the reasons for the shakedown is that paid links are not true, natural links, and therefore shouldn’t qualify as “voting” links for the purpose of transferring PageRank. Google prefers to have sites naturally linking to each other, as natural …

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Forum Discussions and Getting Traffic for Your Business

Participating in discussion forums can mean profit for your business. How so? Any business with a website aims for traffic. The more people visit your business website the more chances you have of making more sales and acquiring new customers. Granted, not everyone who visits your website will make a purchase. But it’s not just about making a sale. Name recognition is just as important for a business.
The more people are introduced to your business, the better. That is what building a good business reputation is all about. People may not buy your products or hire your services at the moment. But sooner or later when they need the products or services that your business …

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Full-function SEO Toolbar Seoquake for Internet Explorer Browser.

In the beginning of October, 2007 Seoquake team has developed and offered it’s users toolbar Seoquake for Internet Explorer browser – analogue of Seoquake extension for FF browser.
According to statistics, more than 60 % of Internet visitors use the most commonly and popular Internet Explorer for viewing a web-pages. Now to seo experts, prefering this browser also it is accessible full-function Seoquake, created for site search parameters definition.
Before this day were existed only a few seo toolbars created specially for IE browser. In particular, it’s Page Promoter Bar and Seo Bar. However, because of the certain complexities of programming under IE, these versions cannot be compared with the extensions created under FireFox on it’s functionality. …

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How to Rake in 10000 Backlinks in a Week

Admit it. Everyone loves backlinks. With each new inbound link to your site, Google smiles at the vote of confidence. Your reputation subsequently increases, your search rankings skyrocket– and with it, the number of web visitors to your site.
This translates to more clinking in the empty piggy bank. Sounds good? Let’s get down to business.
For the average Joe, there are three boring ways to create inbound links.
The first is the most common: reciprocal linking. You fire an email to a related site and request an exchange of votes. It’s tideous and webmasters tend to tell you to buzz off. Google doesn’t give much value to such backlinks either-they deem such behavior self-serving.
The second way is …

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Importance and Techniques of On Page Optimization

SEO is divided into on page optimization and off page optimization. On page is which can be done to website itself and off page is which is done away from the website. Creation of right title for a webpage is classified as on page optimization. On the other hand creation of inbound links and their anchor text is termed as off page optimization.
On page optimization is one of the forms of search engine optimization. This acts as the vital requirement which is necessary to improve website rankings in major search engines like Google, yahoo and MSN. In this process the elements of website are designed in this way that website is able to qualify for …

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What Is The Paid Links Alternative For SEO?

Paid links was once a popular way of getting a website a better listing on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These search engines work by evaluating how many times a particular web page is linked to. The ones who are linked to the most will get a better page rating on their search engines. For this reason, a lot of people began trying to figure out ways to get their sites listed across the world wide web. Paid links became one of the popular ways to go about doing this.
In short, these days there is no paid links alternative in the SEO game – at least not anymore these days. That is because …

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Website Traffic vs. Marketing… Which comes first?

Most people think about their web marketing, they tend to imagine big commercial enterprises. Possibly their first association is SEO optimization, e-mail marketing software, or web banners. However web marketing is much more on this. A little bit of web savviest can give you the contact that you need in whatever project you are involved.
Anyone get worried on their site online is how to get rid of website traffic. Though there are essential for business reason, even they have small personal site want others to stop by and visit. This is been important when the web became popular with the general public, and it is something might never change the ways people draw this traffic …

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