Drawbacks of Over-Optimization

“The problem is that the site is “over-optimized”. It has been designed for search engines and not for web surfers.”

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has really taken off over the last five years as more and more fledgling webmasters have created websites. But many a times webmasters fail to notice an important part of search engine optimization: if you over-optimize your web pages, chances are that your website rankings might drop.

As per the explanations extended by experts and seasoned webmasters, Google minus -950 Penalties is triggered on by Over Search Engine Optimization efforts, including spam linking and spam documentation. Accordingly, linking to spam sites (co-op link exchange) can be an injurious SEO stunt for you that can pull you down to the bottom on search results. On similar lines, including just sufficient number and variety of related phrases is recommended during documentation, or otherwise may lead to your website being flagged for Google penalty.

To prevent over-optimization, make sure that links pointing to your site have a wide variety of anchor text related to the general topic of your website. Your inbound links should come from a wide variety of somewhat relevant sites. Have other sites deep link to pages inside your site.

The fight to top search engines’ results knows no limits. My suggestion is, let the text on your website be as natural as possible. Don’t saturate it with keywords. Talk about what your website is about and the keywords will flow in a more natural, search engine-friendly manner. This approach will probably get you the most hits in the long run.

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