3 Blockbuster SEO Tips to Boost Traffic

In listening to many professionals dispensing seo tips you are led to believe that without hired help you can not do it yourself. The point behind optimizing your sites and content is to attract free search engine traffic which is the most highly targeted traffic you can get online. Effective search engine optimization however does not have to be difficult or complicated to explain. In fact there are several search optimization techniques you can easily apply on your own that will begin to attract free online traffic in no time.

Here are 3 particularly effective search engine optimization tactics you can begin implementing as early as today!

Create a Blog

One of the easiest ways to increase the amount of free online traffic you receive is by starting a blog. Search engines absolutely love fresh content and a blog will give you ample opportunity to supply this to them. With every new post you are calling attention to your site by alerting search engines to the fresh content you have just posted. Once any post has been reviewed for its relevancy it usually results in a boost to your rankings meaning more traffic is heading your way.

Optimized Imagery

Most everybody uses images to help readers better visualize the point of the content they are reading. Used correctly images will reflect a certain relevancy to the surrounding text in which they are placed for people who are viewing it. Imagery also gives people to a place to ‘rest’ their eyes from the strain of reading off computers screens.

Imagery is also great for internal linking and adds more ‘optimization tools’ to your ‘arsenal’ for search engines to view and rank to help boost your profile online. By assigning your images file names using appropriate keywords or phases they establish even more relevancy for your site and help to further boost your rankings.

Social Networking

For anybody already blogging using social network sites will be a very familiar activity since both are social communities. Interacting with others on various social network sites gives you the opportunity to ‘share’ your links. In doing so this always has the potential to lead to more incoming traffic at your site. In addition if people share your links with others you are now benefiting from a more powerful viral effect. As the amount of incoming links to your site grows so does your search engine traffic. These links are viewed as a validation of sorts to the importance and/or relevance your site enjoys with its niche.

Many seo tips require the help of a ‘trained’ professional to implement. The reason behind optimizing your websites and other content you publish online is to attract highly targeted search engine traffic. There is some very effective search optimization techniques however that do not require the ‘guidance’ of trained professionals to implement. The 3 tactics reviewed above are not only effective but also both fun and easy to apply. By applying your efforts in these 3 areas you will experience a noticeable increase in the amount of free online traffic you are receiving. It makes little sense to pay a ‘professional’ for some things that you can do yourself and when working online every penny counts!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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