The Simple Truth About Building One Way Links

One Way Link Building Plan Using RSS Feeds to Build Link Popularity

A really successful way to build your link popularity is through the use of your blogs RSS feed capability. Real Simple Syndication better know by its acronym of RSS is an effective way to syndicate content all over the web through RSS feeds. It is fairly easy to build RSS feeds into your website that have links to your web pages.

The more times your RSS feed shows up on other sites the more links there will be to your site. Each of these links is like a tiny endorsement for your site and adds points to your link popularity. The good thing now a days are most major blogging platforms like and WordPress a major independent open source blog script include RSS capability. Another way if your blogging system doesn’t have RSS capability you can use a program like (RSS Builder is freeware) or another good one is FeedForAll.

The act of syndicating your content all over the web is easy with RSS. With the capability of adding RSS feeds to your blog built into most blogging systems it makes building your link popularity a breeze. The more sites that pick up your RSS feed the higher your link popularity score will be which in turn helps your search engine ranking.

Be Careful When Setting Your RSS or it Might Not Validate

When using the ever-popular WordPress blogging script you will find a multiple amount of plugins that will work with it. Of these one of the more important plugins for our discussion is the ones that make adding your RSS feed to peoples feed readers simple. One of the more popular ones is available from the website they make a plugin for there popular bookmarking and social networking announcement services.

You need however to be careful when putting together your blog titles and watch out for their structure. A fair number of the services that allow you to reed your RSS feeds have strict adhesion to RSS Validation rules; for example My MSN will not let you import your feeds if they do not have validated titles. Characters in your title such as quotation marks, apostrophes and such will cause your titles to not validate under these rules and thus prevent a number of people from being able to receive your feed.

This can make the act of coming up with valid titles a little tricky but you want your feeds to be valid for the widest distribution. Avoid titles like “Mary’s Big Red Dog” instead opt for a title without the apostrophe instead try something like “Mary and the Giant Red Dog” both get similar messages across but one validates and one doesn’t. Keeping this in mind will help you to avoid a lot of headaches as to why your feeds are not getting picked up.

Blog Pinging Service Success Guide

Using a dependable blog pinging service makes these one-way link-building strategies even more effective. Now in no way is this a substitute for solid well written content or fast breaking news but can put your link building into overdrive. If you give your readers value then blog pinging is a simple and easy way to get the word out that your site has been updated.

You want to pick a pinging service, which allows you to ping multiple services from one web location. You could go to each service but this is a) unnecessary and b) very time consuming which kind of goes against the nature of blogging. You want to be able to ping dozens of RSS aggregators, search engines and feed directories from one simple to use web form.

Another useful hint is to ping each service separately as they respond at different rates and we find you get a more complete ping of the different services. This really doesn’t take that much more time as your information is already in the form so it is fairly easy to work through the list. There are positives and negatives to all the different pinging services but the time saved and the added links will more than make it worth your while. One last note don’t think that if pinging once is good that doing it multiple times is better this is a sure way to get your site banned as a Spam site, so don’t do it.

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