Get High Page Ranking in Google with the use of Website Title Tags Today!

There’s a lot of time that website designers and business owners are engaged to do same mistake all over and over again. That mistake is having their each title page named as “about us” or “home”. How can they finally realize that having their website title page named as “about us” is not more likely to be indexed by search engines like yahoo and Google?

Naming your website as “Home” is a worst move when you’re promoting a specific product online. Because, to be more indexed by search engines, your title page must be distinguish by them, but how can make it happen if your website is one of those website having the same title page “Home” and those website is approximately millions. So, it only shows that your site is competing to million of website that is having same title page like yours which is “home”.

Also, do you think your potential customer that will search for your product will key in “home” in search engine? Of course not! They will basically key-in the specific keyword that is exactly on what they really search for. Example, if they are in search for latest model of laptops, they won’t key in “home” for them to find laptop model. More likely, they’ll type “latest laptop model”.

Making each page of your website named specifically on what the content is all about is more advisable than having title page tags as “about us” or “contact us”. If you’re into laptop, then have it “latest laptop model” and the content should tackle about latest model of laptop.

It really isn’t that complicated process, it’s just a matter of logic, thinking how the customer way thinks. But so many website designers have no idea about how to appropriately name web pages for outstanding search engine rankings. Most web designers are just designers that merely like to make websites look pretty. They akin to use a lot style of flash and visually attractive bells and whistles. But from a page title tags concepts; visual is not considered as very important matter in website designing. Success of every website is depending up on how you name your website and its pages. But, the content should be related to the title page tags. Or else, page title is worthless too.

Website title tags help website owners to describe on what their site is all about. It also helps your site to be more visible in search engine- or even in high page ranks. It also gives an advantage for your site to be easy to navigate by visitors as it containing the specific title tags that is more likely to explore by customers. All you have to do is to focus on what your content is stating and offering. The title tag should be relevant for its content and concentrate on that. Avoid making your website pretty by using a lot of flowery tags that are not relevant to its content. Another mistake that some of web owners are engaged to be using their business name as title page tags.

Using business name as your title page tag is more likely preventing website to index your website. Do you think if one potential customer seeking for laptop models will key in your business name as “Juan Cruise’ Laptops”, unless you’re one of the most top brand in laptop industry like Apple, Dell and HP.

Now, by knowing all these facts, what are you waiting for? Change your title page tags if it’s still containing “contact us” or “Juan Cruise’ Laptops” as title page and get ready to be one of the high ranking TODAY!

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