Why There Is More To A Keyphrase Than Traffic Voumes

Analysing and selecting keyphrases is an often overlooked aspect of search engine optimisation that can make a dramatic difference to how profitable a business will prove to be online. A well selected set of keyphrases will ensure not only that a reasonable quantity of traffic makes it to your website, but more importantly that you are able to convert that traffic into sales. Keyphrase selection should always be the first step to take when embarking on an SEO campaign; ideally taking place before the website is even built.

When deciding on a set of keyphrases to target, many people simply perform a quick analysis and decide to use the keyphrases that appear to achieve the highest volume of searchers per month. Obviously the volume of searches that a particular search term gains cannot be completely ignored; a large quantity of hits is definitely desirable. However these high traffic keyphrases are only worth investing time and effort into if they are very likely to convert into sales, which is ultimately the goal of any online business.

So which keyphrases convert?
One commonly asked question when selecting keyphrases is “How will I know what keyphrases are likely to convert to sales?” This will obviously vary from business to business but some general advice is always applicable. Investigate the intentions of the searcher; some keyphrases will attract people who are searching for a plethora of different things, while some will only attract searchers with one intention. Typically the shorter, more general keyphrases will have a wider range of possible interpretations while longer highly specific keyphrases will attract visitors that know what they want. For example if someone searches for “joinery” they may simply desire information on the trade, they might want tips or they might want to employ a joiner. The phrase “joinery services” on the other hand will most likely only be used by someone wanting to employ a joiner.

Are your services local?
Even if you offer purely local services it can be tempting to chase after keyphrases that bring in a lot of traffic; even though your website will prove useless to the majority of the visitors. While targeting keyphrases that are far more localised you may well receive less traffic, but the traffic that you do receive is far more likely to purchase your product or service. In the joinery example above “joinery services” may well have high levels of traffic but if you are a joiner you are unlikely to travel the length and breadth of the country for a job. Optimising for “joinery services Glasgow” makes far more sense for a Glasgow based joiner as the traffic they receive will be directly linked to the service they provide.

The same example can be applied to search engine optimisation companies. The phrase “SEO” may receive a large quantity of traffic but the majority of searchers will be looking for information or advice rather than the services of an SEO company who will likely find that phrases like “SEO Companies” and “SEO Services” convert more regularly.

About the Author

Sam Qam: SEO Specialist consulting with SEO Companies in the UK.