How to Increase your Google PageRank

I often hear lots of people talking about Google Page Ranks and wondering what they are, what influences them and how it helps you? Google Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm that Google cleverly implemented such that each link on the internet has numerical weighting assigned to it measuring it’s relative importance within a given set of related links. The rating scale is between 0 and 10 with the latter being the “highest” or “most relevant” within the set. All new websites are assigned a PR of 0.

Although Google give nothing away on how to increase your Page Rank value, but it is believed that it is based on; – the number (and quality) of inbound links (i.e. how many sites link to you and what is the PR of those sites) – relevance of search words on your webpage – number of actual visits to the page by web users (i.e. lots of traffic generally means your website is relevant

Is Page Rank Important

In simple terms, not any more! Google Page Rank used to be a factor in the world of SEO and only websites with a high PR will rank high in the search engines, however, now it is not important. Remember only Google use Page Rankings, not any other search engine and in order to stay competitive Google have not given it too much notice.

You can have a PR of 1 and your competitor a PR of 4 and you could be side by side on SERPs.

If and when you wish to sell your website, a high PR will value your site more than a low PR but that is in the future and by then the traffic on your website and the credibility you earn from others who will want to link to your site will raise your PR level.

Good luck!

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