Free Online Business Tools – Search Engine Positioning Tool

If you are running an online business then you should never be afraid to invest in software and tools that can improve your productivity. However there are many useful online business tools available to you at no cost. In this article I reveal a tool that allows you to quickly check your search engine positioning.

Your goal for your web sites should be to get high rankings on the keyword phrases and search terms that visitors would probably use to find your web site. It is a fact that the listings in the top 10 positions receive 80% more traffic than the listings in positions 11 to 30. So you want to work towards getting your site in those top 10 results.

But if you are always checking manually to see how your web sites are ranking at the major search engines, then you probably wish there was a better way than visiting each search engine one by one.

When you have multiple web sites each with multiple keyword phrases and multiple search engines to check the number of combinations makes it even more important to have a tool that will save you time.

There are certain many tools available to do this and some of them are fairly expensive. Fortunately I discovered a neat free tool for checking all the major search engines at once.

Firstly it’s important to realize that the most important search engines to check are Google, MSN and Yahoo since they account for over 80% of all searches across the Internet. I am always checking how my sites are ranking at those three search engines. It used to take me hours but not any more.

The Free Position Tool at will enable you to quickly check your rankings for any keyword phrases at all three of these major search engines.

To use it simply visit INeedHits and click on Free Tools near the top of their home page.

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