How can you reduce high bounce rate of website?

Companies and businesses are taking their web presence very seriously these days. The rise in the awareness about web analytics has led to the webmasters to focus on the various aspects of internet marketing. High bounce rate is one such area of concern for the internet marketing professionals and the webmasters as it can prove to be fatal for the online business. Bounce rate means the number of visitors who after logging in to the landing page does not surf other pages of the website. The high number of bouncers will result into bad online business for the website owner. Here are certain reasons responsible for the high bounce rate and avoiding them can minimize the bounce rate of your website.

Website Design

First and foremost reason is your website design. The website is meant to inform the audience about your products or services, therefore, make your website design presentable and easy to use. However, this does not mean that you put all the flashy stuff that would sore the eyes of the visitors. Make sure that the design of your website is simple and yet attractive. Too much of a flashy site will result into bouncing as it would be painful for the visitor to stay on your site for longer time. Web Design Company should take care of this.

Website Usability

Secondly, the usability also plays an important role for decreasing the bounce rate of your website. Make sure that your website has an easy to use interface with crystal clear content and professional design. This will definitely hold the attention of the viewer for a longer time.

Website Content

Another cause for high bounce rate could be the content of your website. The content of the website should be such that it imparts some fruitful information to the viewer. Also it must be curiosity arousing so that the viewer is eager to look at the other pages of the website as well.

Confusing Navigation

Difficult or complex website navigation can also be a reason for high bounce rate. It is better to have simple navigation of the site. In fact as it is rightly put by someone that the navigation of the site should be such that it leaves nothing for the viewer to think or guess.

Active X

There could be technical aspects also as a reason for bouncing such as having Active X on your webpage. This can be tedious for the viewers as they would have to first download certain plug-ins to view it. Generally, the viewers do not have too much of time for them to download flash or such similar plug-ins. Henceforth, be careful about the tec hnical issues as well of the website to avoid addition of the bounce rate.

Selection of Keywords

Selection of the wrong keywords can also lead to high bounce rate. If you perform the marketing your website with wrong keywords, it is bound to be that your visitors will not get the expected information from your website and therefore move away from it. Your site also stands of high possibility of bouncing if it has title and the Meta description that is not aligned with the content of the web page. The search engines generally display the title and the Meta description in the organic search result.

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