SEO and Building Natural Links

We all know that in order to attain high rankings in the Google search results we must make a consistent effort to build one way back links to our site. Google emphasizes the need for these links to be natural as they will hold far more weight than unnatural links, but what are natural links and is it really an attainable goal.

Google see a natural link as one which is acquired by creating quality content on our sites, therefore enticing a user to link back to the site as a reference. The problem is, no one is likely to see your content unless you publish it at high traffic sites around the web, like article directories, however the links pointing back to you are not natural, you can easily see how this is a catch twenty two right.

So if we want our sites to rank highly we need to build links that are as natural as possible but what kind of elements fo natural links possess? An important element is that the links originate from a relevant page, there is no point getting a link from a fishing site, if your site concerns the global financial market, not only does this link look fake but it also passes little relevance.

Another important aspect of a natural linking campaign is to understand that natural links don’t only point back to the homepage of a site, they point to lot’s of deep pages referencing different types of content. Build links to all the content rich areas of your site and if your site doesn’t have any I think it’s time you started a blog.

When it comes to building links it is best to link slowly, natural links don’t all occur in the same day, this makes the link growth look unnatural and spammy, so stay away from buying links as you are putting the future health of your site at risk. Try and develop a consistent but natural link building pattern that shows a natural growth in your sites link popularity.

An important thing to remember is that natural links are not reciprocal, if you have agreed a link exchange this type of juice is worth next to nothing. Google will easily pick up on link exchanges and you could even face site penalties for excess reciprocal links. These are just a few tips to remember when link building, Google does not make the job easy for SEO’s but it is something we must grit our teeth and get through.

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