Deep Linking Submission

Deep Linking is an essential part in seo, and its benefits are many. Though most of the webmaster only concentrates 10% of their effort on inner page promotion. Usually they concentrate on home page, but if we concentrate properly on deep linking, it can give quite fruitful results. A Deep Link is nothing but a link to an inner page of website. While home page is about what the main service or product of the website, a deep link contains the information about the topic related to main product. For instance consider an example of web design company website, while the home page is about web design, there will be inner pages about graphic design, brochure design or logo design related to the main topic of the website.

A recent survey conducted a few years ago confirmed that most of the traffic in a website comes from deep linking.

Usually inner pages have less competition than home pages, which results in quick gain in top ranking.

In promotion of Deep linking same link building tactics (directory submission, link building, forum posting) needs to be applied for deep links. Only difference is that here we have to use internal page URL.

We all know that promotion of a website has really become necessary for business, most of the time webmaster concentrate on home page, but a small amount of concentration on deep links/inner pages can give lot more fruitful results than home page and quickly also.

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