The Role of Splash Pages in Traffic Exchange

It is widely known that Traffic Exchange is like trading on browsing each other’s sites. When a member gets directed to one’s site it is important for the site to have a certain appeal to get potential customers. Having an exceptional splash page would work best in this.

A splash page is a web page that the viewers see when browsing sites. It could simply be described as a book cover. It establishes a certain disposition about a site or product or service. A good splash page has a headline or a title, a list of benefits, and simple graphics. The goal of a splash page is to persuade viewers to know more about the site or product or service, click on the link that would lead them to the original site and sign up or give their details to know more. It basically tickles the interest of the potential customers.

In relation, there are some points to consider in creating a splash page. The main intention on having one is to entice visitors to know more about what a business can offer.

Web visitors usually want information very quickly. For this reason, the page must load up easy and fast. There must also be no need for scrolling. It is best for the details to be in just one page. Then, as the visitors get more interested with it, there must be a part where a link to the site can be found or a link to leave contact details; for them to be contacted soon and to know more about the product. The graphic on the page must also be simple so it will not eat up the page’s loading time. As much as possible, a splash page must not have audio with it.

To add, the splash page must be as simple and enticing as possible. Having it this way will surely lead to a big number of sign ups of prospects. Looking closely, it works well with a traffic exchange program.

In Traffic Exchange, there is a great chance for a product to be known as members browse on each other’s sites. Having an appealing page would help viewers stay on the page and want to know more about the business. Aside from getting a high number of traffic, there could be a big rate of potential customers coming to the business advertised on the splash page.

It would be a good idea to have a splash page in a Traffic Exchange program. It is a way to give interesting information about a business in a simple manner. Once enticed, the customers could get directed to the main site to know more and have a greater chance of being a customer. This is the big role of a splash page in Traffic Exchange.

In the end, a good splash page would really work well in Traffic Exchange. In the physical world it could be parallel to the collaterals like brochures or flyers, creating interest on people to know more about what it says.

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