Here’s What You Weren’t Told About Web Traffic Marketing

If you are just starting your Web-based business and want to reach thousands of potential customers quickly, an opt-in targeted e-mail service is a good place to start.

Here is how it works: Web traffic marketing companies compile lists of e-mail addresses of people who have shown an interest in thousands of products or services by subscribing to newsletters, blogs, or Websites. An e-mail list is then matched with your product, assuring recipients will be interested when they see an e-mail from you in their inbox. This isn´t spam – everyone has agreed to receive the e-mails, and is given the option to unsubscribe.

Reputable Web traffic marketing companies offer “white-listing” – assurance that your e-mails will be accepted by all major Internet service providers and make their way directly to the recipient inbox.

For under $50, you can send a test campaign to 300,000 potential customers, and the response will give you a good idea about whether your e-mails will translate to traffic to your Website and making money selling products and services.

The delivery method is relatively simple, but the secret to Web traffic marketing is giving those who open the e-mail reasons to keep reading – something relevant that will attract their interest and compel them to click the link that directs them to your Website. Many Web traffic marketing companies offer professionally designed templates you can use to create an attractive e-mail unique to your business. Links to surveys, promotions, and discounts in your e-mail can also increase the clicks. The subject line should be enticing, and e-mails can be personalized with the recipient’s first name.

First impressions are critical in drawing Web traffic to your site. Give everyone a reason to open your next e-mail. And once you draw them to your Website, give them a reason to stay: articles and blogs that feed their interest are likely to keep visitors coming back. Set up clear, attractive product pages with snappy descriptions, click-to-zoom features, and even video feeds. Make sure the payment method is quick and easy. Repeat visitors are the best way to build your online business and develop your own e-mail list to create a loyal, repeat customer base.

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