Get Fresh Traffic to New or Small Blogs

If you set up a new blog or run a blog and you have less visits try the following strategy to increase the traffic on your blog.

Step 1: For example you have a blog for Automotives containing a post about the latest BMW 3-Series: Watch out for blogs with the topic relating to your own blog. The Best thing would be a mercedes-benz fan-site.

Step 2: If your browser does not have the alexa-toolbar installed – go to and get the Traffic-Details of the domains on wich the blogs you first selected are running on. If it looks good to you go back to the blogs site and watch out for a post that has many replies.

Step 3: Now let´s work:

Remember ! You are now on a mercedes-fan-site and you want traffic. So just reply on that post you selected and write something like you hate the mercedes-cars because of ….
or just start a conversation about the pros of the BMW and the Cons of Mercedes.
You can decide to be friendly or a little bit more aggressive.

Because of most Mercedes-Drivers dont like BMW, you should get a lot of response to your reply and also traffic to your website – - – those readers want to know more about that BMW-Driver who´s talking that bad about their Mercedes.

If you do this on several blogs, I´m sure you´ll get much traffic AND new readers in a short time on your own blog.

Try it out and tell me by leaving a reply on this post how your blog is doing with it.