Powerful and Free Source of Web Hosting Services

A view Days ago, I needed to find a new Web Host for a new Onlineproject.

Because I didn´t want to place my new project on my existing Web Host I started a search on google.

The Result: Hundrets of Hosting-Agencies – waiting for me to sign-up a contract.

I had not that much time to check all of those Providers and so I was looking for something like a  Hosting-Search-Site or webhosting.

What I got was perfect: Web Hosting Choice  is A Free WebHosting-Guide with a lot of additional Information about Hosing Companies. ( I am still wondering why I didn´t hear about this Service before )

So you can see the hot details of a Host before visiting that site you´re interested in.

It´s very easy and doesn´t need much time for a Web Hosting Coice that suits your needs.

A very powerful tool is the advanced Search on webhostingchoice.com -

Just type-in your monthly budget you can afford or you are willing to pay and choose some options of your needs, i.e. Adult-Hosting, SSH, Support or Webmail, etc…

For me, the Result of the Search was really good and so I was able to decide between 4 Companies – not hundrets and more.

Another good thing for non-professionals is the FAQ-Site: You will get all answers of most asked questions only on one page.

I really enjoyed the Service. For the future this will be my Page I´ll look at when needing a Web Host in the future.