Here is the “System” to top ranking in Google

Want The Free advertising Technique To Getting A Top Listing On Google?

Here is the “System” to top ranking in Google that anyone can do if they know how:

1) Shoot a video, upload it to several of the video upload sites like YouTube.

2) When you upload your site use the keywords you wish to rank in in your title and description of your video.

3) Next grab a free blog and put your new video on the blog and write up a little article about it and use the keyword(s) you want in the title and description… again…

4) Now go to and type in the URL to the blog that has your new video on it so Google can search for it which will trigger Google to index your site…

5) Done! Once you get your keywords right and your descriptions rich with those keywords you will begin getting top listings in Google – and you didn’t spend a dime to get there!

Want Some Easy Techniques To Getting Your Videos Seen On YouTube?

Here is the “System” to getting your videos ranked on top of YouTube that anyone can do if they know how:

When you do your video using camtasia, shooting a simple webcam video or doing a full production project:

1) Create your video to last from 30 seconds to 90 seconds..

2) In the exact center of the video, for example if your video is 60 seconds in length.. YouTube will pull the frame or image and make that the thumbnail or image that they show of your video… so make sure that it is a very interesting picture that the YouTube viewers see so they will click on it!

3) Put your keywords in your description of your video, and put your URL in your description, this will cause you to rank higher on the YouTube website

which is owned by Google!

4) And put your URL at the end of the video so that everyone knows how to easily find your website after watching your videos. It is possible to have your site url play through out the whole video.

Here are Some Great Techniques To Getting A Top Listing With Alexa ?

Here is the “System” to getting your website ranked near the top of all websites in the World on Alexa…

1) Install the Alexa tool bar on your computer and do a search for your URL…

2) Purchase a large bundle of traffic and put an exit exchange snippet of html code on your site so that all the traffic you purchased gets you 50% more visitors from the exit exchange…

3) Use a free tell a friend script to drive more free traffic to your website.

4) Consider starting an affiliate program and using your main website as your members page to sign in, this will get you more visits to your website automatically!

5) Give away something that your audience wants and if possible change this on a regular basis – you can email your list each time you add or change your give a way offer

6) There are endless techniques for increasing your traffic using polls, questionnaires, link exchanges, giveaways and other easy.

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