Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots – Is Google the way to go for affiliate marketers?

Is Google the way to go for affiliate marketers?
Let’s have a look and see if Google is the best way to promote your business as an affiliate marketer or if there are better ways – why do they say no to Clickbank links and what does the Stockholm syndrome has to do with it? And finally will have a look at why all most all affiliate marketers are content with following instead of leaving.

The fact is that you’re not able to promote your affiliate product from Clickbank with your affiliate ID. Isn’t it strange someone is willing to hand over a bunch of advertising dollars to them but they say no!
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Google really doesn’t like affiliate marketers. I live in Stockholm, Sweden but that doesn’t mean I suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, but the thing is that many marketers seem to be, because they agree with Google even though they are playing by their rules almost as if they were held hostage. This is known as the Stockholm syndrome, but there are ways to get out of this bond made up of their rules – their slapping and their steep prices for terms they don’t happen to love – luckily for us. One of the answers is Yahoo advertising. Yahoo is superbly and many advertisers say that surfer from Yahoo is much more responsive, that the traffic is more targeted and still cheaper than on AdWords.

So how come there are so few affiliate marketers on Yahoo? For more details Interestingly enough this is another psychological factor because all the gurus and all the other marketers are telling you to use AdWords exclusively and since they do it you follow and so does everyone else, the outcome is that you are competing against giant advertising agencies and super affiliates who have the power of spending millions of dollars, but you don’t. It doesn’t matter how many gurus systems or guides or “secrets exposed” you buy – you still have to compete with the huge masses promoting the exact same thing you but no one is willing to tell you this.

So breaking out of the psychological bond is easy! You don’t have to be a victim of the Stockholm syndrome and you can for a fact the leader instead of a follower or you need to do is add Yahoo advertising to your marketing mix, you don’t have to get rid of AdWords and the others, but you might when you find out how effective Yahoo can be using the right methodology.

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