Best Ways To Get One Way Text Links

If you want to get free website traffic from the search engines, everyone knows that you need to get backlinks from other websites to your site. The search engines realized that getting backlinks is difficult for most webmasters, so sites that actually have links can be reliably assumed to be good quality websites. So search engines rank highly those sites that have lots of backlinks.

You should also know that backlinks can be characterized as either reciprocal or one way. Reciprocal links occur when each site gives a backlink to the other. A one way backlink occurs when there is only one hyperlink, from one site to the other without a corresponding hyperlink in the reverse direction. These days, a one way text link is given much more weight by the search engines, so these are the sorts of hyperlinks you should try to get.

So if one way backlinks are so important, how do you get them? The two best ways to get them are also, unfortunately, the most difficult and time consuming. They are:

Get a link from a high page rank website. The search engines will give the most search engine ranking love to links from relevant sites that already have very high page rank. If you already have another website hosted in a different hosting account (different IP address) then you can put a link on that website. If that isn’t an option (which is the usual case) then you can approach webmasters who already rank well in the search engines and ask for a link. Your request will be much more effective if you offer to write a custom article just for them in exchange for a backlink. You will probably have to send out a large number of such requests before you get any takers, but this can work wonders for your website.

The second approach that works wonders is article marketing. The only problem is that these days you really need to write lots of articles. Many article marketers try writing 5 or 10 articles at most, get minimal results and give up. These days you need at least 20 or 30 articles to see any progress at all, and the really successful article marketers plan on writing 100-200 or more for each website they promote! Yes this is lots of work but it can be very effective.

Here are two big challenges when writing so many articles. The first challenge is just finding unique titles and subjects. If you have a single website, there are only so many things you can say on a single topic. The second challenge is just finding the time to write so many articles. This can be offset to some extent by outsourcing so that you write say 10 articles and have one or more hired writers write 30 or 40 articles. If these articles are good quality, the time and expense will be returned in good traffic to your website.

Article marketing is most effective when you are able to deploy your articles on a wide variety of websites, with each website linking back to your site. By having all these pointers back to your site, and by doing this over and over again, you will indeed start to see your traffic grow.

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