How to Use Negative Keywords

What does negative keyword mean? Negative keywords are a special breed when performing keyword matching — with negative keywords an advertiser can control when to display their advertisements and when not to. By adding negative keywords to your Google ad words campaign, your specific ads will not be displayed for those search terms that you have negated. As an example, if you add the negative keyword -round pots, then your advertisements will not be shown whenever a user uses a search term that contains “round pots”.

Adding negative keywords to your ad campaign is simple. It is the same as adding regular keywords, however, for negative keywords, simply place a negative sign (-) prior to the keyword you would like to negate, and that should do the trick. After this, you can do a simple test by searching for the negative keyword in a search engine. If you do not see your ad appear, then you have successfully added the negative keyword to your advertising campaign.

Negative keywords are important. One of the reasons is that relevancy is involved. If the user searches for terms that are completely irrelevant to your website or product, then you would hope that your ad would not be displayed. If it is displayed, and a user clicks into your website, you will most definitely not make a sale because it is an unqualified lead. Another reason is click through rate. If a visitor searches for a term that does not relate to your website, but your website advertisement is displayed, then your click through rate will be much lower. You basically want higher click through rates because it will help you achieve better advertisement positions without the need for increased cost per clicks.

In sum, negative keywords are almost just as important as your regular keywords. Use them wisely, and see to is that your advertising campaigns are more effective. And two of the best ways to find negative keywords is using the specific keyword tools, Google Adwords and Overture.

Looking for more information on these tools or on negative keywords? Check out the Free AdWords Tutorial that shows you how to do it the right way.

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