5 Sure Fire Online Publicity Stunts That Will Augment Your Position with Search Engines!

After researching the entire internet, you might be a bit discouraged. You have done your best to find the best tips for launching your internet business or your product online. The question then becomes, how do I get exposure, how will the public know I exist and what can I do to increase my position with search engines? The answer isn’t an easy one especially if you are in a saturated category or new to internet marketing. The fact is, now-a-days every category is saturated and the internet monster continues to grow.

In a recent study on the Top Internet Marketing Trends for 2008, marketers claimed that there is no end in sight for search and social marketing. The amazing thing is small businesses have yet to employ most online marketing here’s what I’d do:

1. Announce a contest to win something or give-a-way. This could be anything that pertains to your business or product. Make sure it’s genuine though. False intentions always tend to give a bad taste to potential clients. When I say announce I mean, include it on your website, write a press release, and highlight it at a local event or newspaper (including your online website of course). All of these things, will let the “internet public” know who you are and begin your paper trail of credible stories thus increasing your search engine ranking.

2. Use the “Expert Phenomenon”. This means to attach yourself to other experts if you aren’t of “expert” status yet. If you have already established yourself as a credible source– great, you can announce that in a news story, article, or write a blog. There are tons of ways to generate publicity online and offline, but what will get your internet business high in the rankings online is newsworthy events. Is there a local event you can speak at that has an online newsletter? Recognition in an online newsletter as a panel speaker would show up in the search engines.

3. Start a news and event page on your website. Toot your own horn. Announce the news on your website with links to the press releases, articles, or mentions on others websites. Be conscious of your publicity stunts and purposely put yourself in the news if possible. Volunteer, highlight an event you speak at, offer articles to the local paper, and be sure to make a big deal about the launch of your internet business. Whatever you do, make sure you report it on your website. It really looks credible on to be linked to other articles on the web.

4. Volunteer for social events especially those tied to the community. Contact your local chambers, schools, churches or community associations and take a stand. Work to help others and others will work to help you. This offers a ton of publicity opportunity that is worth writing a press release about or highlighting on your website as well as the actual organization. Give to charity, the list is huge. How big is your heart? That’s the real question.

5. Pay-per-click advertising. Yes, it is one of the hottest trends of course, consuming nearly 50% of the revenues generated on the internet. The big thing to understand here is the “credibility factor” in using PPC advertising. Find a unique key word that pertains to your target audience, but doesn’t necessarily compete with competitors. The cost is actually pretty low with Google Ad Words, and hits can really increase traffic and relevance to your site.

Now, there are a ton of other things to consider when marketing your internet business like writing a blog, website optimization, traditional advertising focused on your website, capitalizing on seasonal or holiday events, piggybacking a great news story, strategic alliance, affiliate marketing – the list can really go on and on. Again, I wanted to give only the TOP publicity stunts to build online presence and increase search engine rankings.

Online marketing can be difficult because it’s such a fairly new phenomenon compared to traditional marketing and advertising that is. Most of all, have fun, be passionate, and love what you do. If creating a brand that is bigger than life is your goal, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your internet business can become recognized in search engines and respected in your industry.

Trisha Ahlman of Augment Marketing Group has been marketing for over 15 years. Augment Marketing, a Houston based firm, focuses heavily on small to mid-size business marketing solutions. She is an author, a mentor, and professor of marketing. Ms. Ahlman’s team offers free online advice, webinars, resources, and support. She can be contacted at 832-865-6741 or email trisha@augmentgroup.com, http://www.augmentgroup.com Blog: http://www.inspiredbygrowth.blogspot.com website: http://www.marketingsoftwarebusiness.com

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