Are You Doing This To Increase Your Google Page Rank?

I receive a number of emails from people who are customers and a lot who are not, but could use some advice on how to increase their website`s Google page rank.

So, because my time is limited, and I can not answer the hundreds of emails that I receive, and since today is the start of the New Year, I am beginning my series on tips and tricks for increasing your Google page rank.

I think you will enjoy this series, and most importantly use the tips and tricks I provide to help your website take off.

Lets start with the basics in this series and that is what exactly is the Google page rank and why is it important. The Google page rank or in short called the GPR, is method by which Google ranks the popularity of a website and/or pages on a website. This ranking is handled through Google`s unique and highly classified computer algorithm.

Through this algorithm Google is able to rank and return search results of websites based on what a user enters in the Google search textbox.

Studies and statistics have shown the higher you appear on the search list, the greater chance someone will click the resulting link. For example, lets say you do a search on sneakers and a company comes up as the first link to click. Studies have shown the first link receives the most clicks, followed by the second and so on. The resulting search list was determined by the ranking that combined with the search criteria. The higher your rank as compared to other web sites that meet the same search criteria, the higher your placement will be.

Your goal as a web owner or website administrator is to increase your Google page rank so that your site will appear higher when someone does a search that will meet the criteria of your site.

I know this is a lot of broad based information, however this series will fill in all the gaps and answer all of your questions. I promise. Also feel free to ask me any questions to be answered in a future article in this series.

Now that you know some of the basics, lets get to our first tip. How do you begin to increase that Google page rank?

Start with link exchanging. A link exchange is the matter of you agreeing to post a link on your website pointing back to another website who will do the same. Google looks favorably upon a website when other sites point to it. The more links you have pointing to your site the better off you will be and be able to increase your score.

Keep these few tips in mind when exchanging links. A link exchange is not about your visitors clicking the link to go to another website or vice versa. So do not think that because your link is on another website you will start getting all of their traffic. Chances are you may get some, but that is highly unlikely. The idea is to obtain as many websites as possible to point back to your website (usually your home page) to increase your rank.

Two, keep a separate page of your links. Your website should have a page called links where you display the information of all the websites you have exchanged links with.

Three, your links page should be accessible from your home page so that the Google crawling spiders can find it. That is looked favorable upon.

Four, last but not least, never have more than 50 links to other websites on a given page. Anything over 50 links to a page and Google sees that as being a link farm, and decreases the score of those links. Once you reach 50, start a new links page, and then link the next link page from the first page. Continue this same process for each new links page you need to create.

For example, our website has exchanged links with over 3,500 websites. So we have over 70 pages of links. This of course was done over a period of time, and has increased our page rank tremendously.

In our next article in this series, we will talk about how exchanging links with websites that have already established a sizable Google page rank, has greater benefits.

By: Bruce A. Tucker

About the Author:
Bruce A. Tucker is the Associate Director of, an online resource that allows businesses and individuals to post their products and services for sale in 20,000 cities throughout 200 countries around the world.

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