Internet Marketing vis-a-vis Web Development

Every business in the world has two aspects – one side deals with expansion and the other deals with marketing. No one can think of one in isolation. When it comes to the modern business, we can’t imagine its identity without the presence of internet as most of the consumers are now heavily dependent on internet. Hence, while developing and designing a website, the aspect of internet marketing is taken into consideration. Let me tell you how web development can impact the concept of internet marketing.

Java Script
Search engines are the soul of internet marketing. They decide the ranking of your website on the basis of a number of criteria and scripting language is one of them. For instance, if you have used Java script on your site, it will be tough for the search engine crawlers to crawl your website. To begin with, never use Java scripts for the navigation menus or sitemap as they are the path which lead the search engine crawlers to the internal pages. That is that reason why most webmasters now-a-days prefer PHP and CSS over Java. Java may offer some advantages such as cross-platform compatibility and various-free network, however, from internet marketing standpoint it may disappoint you on certain aspects as the above. Hence, quite a few webmasters are reluctant to deploy Java scripts on their site.

Some websites on the internet can be found to have been designed with Flash.

However, Flash is not considered search engine friendly and hence, a website designed with Flash may face difficulty in ranking higher. From the visitors’ standpoint, it doesn’t augur well either. Websites designed with Flash takes much time to open in any browser, and most visitors tend to grow impatient if a site takes too long to open in their browser. Chances are, they will simply close the window and move on to another site. There is no doubt that you wile lose a substantial portion of the online visitors if your site takes long time to open up. This being said, selective use of Flash, which is basically meant for making your site look attractive, can be recommended. However, developing an entire site on Flash is just not wise from the SEO standpoint.

Frames are deployed to enable your site to have multiple windows which is such a wonderful advantage in itself. Unfortunately, from SEO viewpoint, search engines can not crawl the frames at all. Therefore, websites built using frames in most part of it are not search engine friendly. Frames should be avoided as far as possible and maybe, deployed only if it they seem indispensable for a specific objective.

Remember, when I say that a particular feature is not search engine friendly, I mean that the search engine crawlers will not be able to crawl your site and eventually, it affects your search engine ranking in various search engines which is the last thing you want.

SEO has two aspects
Organic or natural results and sponsored results. It is really difficult to get natural results in SEO using all the techniques that search engines do
not prefer. So, I think my message is loud and clear.

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