7 Days to a Better Blog

Blogging has become a popular way to make a bit of money and make yourself known as an expert in your particular niche. But too many bloggers think they can just put up any old site, write a few posts, and watch the money come rolling in. This is not likely to happen for most people.

If you want to really make money with your blog, it needs to be organized and well-written. Do you want a few tips on how to make your blog better? Keep reading to find out how you can have a better blog in just 7 days.

Day 1: Get Organized. Get a notebook that you can keep on hand to jot down possible topic ideas as they come to you. Create a folder on your computer that’s dedicated to your blog writing. You may even want to make special bookmark folders in your internet browser for different websites that can help you (e.g. one for sites about blogging, one for other blogs in your topic, one for research related to your topic, etc.)

Day 2: Think about your readers. Who is reading your blog? Male or female? What age? Where are they from? These factors should all affect the style of your blog and your writing. For example, certain people may not like an informal writing style, while others may be put off by a professional style. If you know your audience you can cater to them. Also, think about what types of things your audience needs and what type of information they don’t have. Knowing this can help you come up with things to write about or affiliate programs that you should think about promoting. Make sure you’re writing all of this down either in a notebook or in a file on your computer. You don’t want to forget these ideas.

Day 3: Find similar bloggers. Spend about an hour looking for other blogs that are similar in topic to yours. Pay attention to what sort of style they use. What are you going to do to make your blog unique? Can you create a niche-within-a-niche? Bookmark all of these blogs in a special folder so that you can visit them frequently. It’s good to keep tabs on what other same-topic bloggers are writing about. You wouldn’t want to miss a time-sensitive piece such as a news story. You also can use these blogs to study what affiliate programs others in your niche are promoting.

Day 4: Keyword research. Today you should research keywords. Do this using a keyword research tool. Your job is to find keywords within your niche that are large enough that people are searching for them, but small enough that there isn’t too much competition already. Make sure that you write down all of these keywords, even if you may not use them for awhile. You never know when inspiration might strike.

Day 5: Brainstorming. Get out that notebook (or open that Word file) and start writing your ideas out onto the paper. Don’t censor yourself. Everything is OK here. Nobody but you is going to see this. Once you’ve got your main ideas down, see if you can break them down any further. For example, with this article, I thought “How can I make my blog better?” then I wrote down each of the ideas. This made it much easier to actually sit down and write the article.

Day 6: Do your research. Do your blog posts need additional research? Today’s the day to focus on that. Take a look at your brainstorming lists from yesterday. See where there are holes and fill them in with a bit of research. It’s going to make tomorrow much easier.

Day 7: Get writing! Today, write several blog posts and store them on your computer. These should be very easy to write because you have followed the steps in the previous days. If you write a few articles in one day, you can post them throughout the week without spending much time each day. This streamlines the process and makes it much easier.

Some of these steps may seem unnecessary to some people, but I assure you that doing all of them will only make things easier for you. In just 7 days you can get organized and start writing the blog masterpiece that I know is inside you.

About the Author: Madeline Crogan has been making money from her blogs for many years. She currently lives with her husband in Hawaii.
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