Full-function SEO Toolbar Seoquake for Internet Explorer Browser.

In the beginning of October, 2007 Seoquake team has developed and offered it’s users toolbar Seoquake for Internet Explorer browser – analogue of Seoquake extension for FF browser.

According to statistics, more than 60 % of Internet visitors use the most commonly and popular Internet Explorer for viewing a web-pages. Now to seo experts, prefering this browser also it is accessible full-function Seoquake, created for site search parameters definition.

Before this day were existed only a few seo toolbars created specially for IE browser. In particular, it’s Page Promoter Bar and Seo Bar. However, because of the certain complexities of programming under IE, these versions cannot be compared with the extensions created under FireFox on it’s functionality. Seoquake also worked under IE only in the beta-version. However now all users of this browser had, at last, an opportunity of working with full-function seo toolbar, allowing to instantly estimate search characteristics both as a separate site, and the SERP results as well. Toolbar is completely castomized – i.e. each user can choose for himself the site analysis parameters under versions of various search systems.

The basic features describing new Seoquake toolbar, are:

• The opportunity of data gathering about concrete URL from any sites and search systems set by the user – toolbar allows to make an estimation of parameters as a separate site, and the SERP results;
• A delivering of the information to IE toolbar or in the page;
• An opportunity of processing of site lists or SERP;
• An opportunity of fast and flexible tuning of data gathering by the user;
• An opportunity of fast settings transfer through the Internet, IСQ or even on a paper;
• An openness and a clarity of the program in relation to the user.

Initial tests of the new version have shown, that in spite of nearly full difference the toolbar from extension Seoquake for FF from the program part point of view, from the point of view of using convenience, toolbar not only does not lose, and in some aspects probably even surpasses already known much traditional Seoquake.

Seoquake have been done for work with IE 6 and 7 versions, and also it can be compatible to all browsers using a runner from Internet Explorer.