Directory submissions – Automated v/s manually

Directory submissions can be done both manually and automatically. In automated submissions directory submitter softwares are used that can submit website to the hundreds of directories available on the web. Manually it is a time consuming and hectic process. To increase the speed automated submitters can be used. Directory can be submitted in many websites in minutes.

As automated directory submitters allows you to submit your website in hundreds of directories and there are chances of getting instances and back links from some of these. So these are very popular and an easy way to get one way links for your website. If you get good quality links from higher page rank sites they are always given due importance and value by search engines. Thus with a good number of high quality links your website has a chance to come in the top of search engine rankings. Apart from these other factors like on page optimization and quality content can also not be ignored.

Directory submission which are done manually increase the cost factor. And it takes hours to accomplish this task .But there is problem with automated submissions. Every directory and search engine has different behavior and guidelines. Automated submissions do not consider the different features of search engines and directories while submitting. They treat all the directory guidelines in a same way so there are chances of getting wrong data being entered in the form fields which can provide malicious information to the users at the end.

These softwares submit very fast in the directories in the same go to get your websites being noticed but there may be some directories which may have disappeared or do not exist. This can be seen only through manual submissions so there are more chances of error in automated submissions.

Some SEO experts consider manual directory submissions are better way of submission as humans can see in depth the directory category, edit the descriptions as and when required and place the right and most appropriate keywords which is not possible in automatic way. Sure it takes time but accuracy also matters. No doubt this task is not enjoyable some times but in terms of accuracy and output it matters.

So the conclusion can be that manually submitting sites and blogs makes the user to have complete control of their site, and see them occasionally in which directories it is placed. It also helps to submit your website effectively and it’s an ongoing process and human submissions are linking with motive and theme. Automated way is a case of blindly linking without caring for errors, spamming and delicacy.

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