Promoting a website

Start clean and with a complete site, nobody likes empty sites with no content and ugly design. Update, update, update your sites every time you got some time. Update them with content, add new features, fix problems.
Get indexed, get backlinks.
Create a google webmaster tools account and a sitemap with XML – Sitemaps site, and submit it through your Google webmaster tools account.
What are backlinks? Backlinks are links from others sites from the web, to your site. These are taken as vote for your site, and your specific words you used to get linked, will rank better on google search. This is the most important SEO thing you must do, and it a continuous work, it never stops.

Page Rank (PR)
PageRank is a function of Google that measures the quality of a website on a scale of 0 to 10. The theory is that high quality sites receive a higher PageRank based on visitors and traffic your site receives. PageRank is a “vote”, by all the other pages on the internet. The ranges are from Unranked, PR 0 to PR 10, where PR 10 are sites very popular like Yahoo.
Keywords and Backlinks resources.
Do a research on the keywords you want to rank good, and use them in your meta tags. Use this program to see how many searches a keyword gets per month, and how hard it will be for you to compete with your competitors, Good Keywords tool is great for this.
Submit to the major search engines at the first step in your promoting: Google, Yahoo, MSN, All the Web.

Start submitting your sites to social bookmarking sites, these will bring you traffic and some backlinks, and even PR, sites like: – PR8
Furl – PR8
Digg – PR8
Stumbleupon – PR8
Rojo- PR8
GD-Sites – PR 0 (mine ^^)
Submit to quality web directories for backlinks, deep links, traffic, and PR, directories like:
Dmoz PR 8 – free
Info-listings PR 6 – free
Jayde PR 6 – free
Gainweb PR 6 – free
Pegasusdirectory PR 6 – free
Gd-sitesdir PR 0 – free (I had to put mine too ^^)
Participate on webmaster forums, and also your niche forums, and add your site links to your signature with the keyword you want to master as anchor. Example [linkurl=]Keyword[/link] (usually this is the format on tags for forum signatures).
Digital Point Forums – PR 6 – one of the best webmaster forums out there
Web Talk Forums – PR 4
V7n Forums – PR 6
Comment on popular blogs, with no follow tags (DON’T SPAM!).
Some of these sites, forums, blogs on links added by users have rel=”nofollow”. This tags forbids the spider robots that visit this site to visit the links submitted by users(comments, signatures), this way the users wont receive any PR rank, or backlinks, from this site, so it wont do any good to you. Some say, they do it to prevent spam, I think they are just lasy to edit comments…or other submitted content..
Create articles about a subject that your sites are on, and submit to articles sites, this will get you traffic, and backlinks, even PR sometimes.
Articledashboard -PR 6
Articlebasement PR 6
Articleclick PR 6
Articlecity PR 6
Ending note: Google doesn’t show all the backlinks, you will see only a small part. Find this by writing in google search: . On the other side by checking your links with the google webmaster tools account, you will see all the links google has find for a period of time. You can also you see a larger number of your backlinks by using Yahoo Search with (select inlinks: except this domains, and to: entire site). There is also a good tool I found recently on Valid Rank, that shows your PR, backlinks and other nifty details. Remember it takes time for Google to update your PR or backlinks.
It is important to update your site with new content from time to time, so the visitor s will have a reason to return to, also using newsletters is a good start. That’s it for now, more with time, I hope it helps. More articles to come with time, and more detailed sources.
Have a good day