MyBuzzMontor: A Killer Widget for Bloggers

(openPR) – Monitis Inc., a leading provider of web monitoring solutions, launched new website MyBuzzMonitor grants bloggers an opportunity to enhance their blogs with customizable buzz monitoring widget. Once installed it will track and display latest news and online conversation using chosen keywords.

Running a blog and would like to publish recent buzz about your topic? Running a trendy website often discussed in other blogs and social networks? Having a popular product and want to show how much buzz it creates? Running a viral marketing campaign for yourself or a client? You will find MyBuzzMonitor ( to be a valuable addition for keeping eyeballs on fresh online conversations that mention your company, product and blog’s theme.

MyBuzzMonitor can be customized to show subject-specific news. For example users running Celebrities site may add buzz monitor for ‘Brad Pitt’ or ‘Jennifer Lopez’ just be entering these keywords in the appropriate customization text box. Users who are running a search engine optimization blog may add “seo, search engine optimization” as keywords and so on. Other possible options are URL, company, personal or product name. You can see how it looks and customize colors before adding to your blog.

When installed, the widget content will be automatically updated daily and will show related news, latest online discussions right and popular links right on your blog’s sidebar. MyBuzzMonitor is free and easily installable widget available for everyone. It can be installed in popular blog services like Blogger and TabPad just with one click.

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