StumbleUpon means more free traffic for you

I just joined StumbleUpon a few weeks ago. Thought StumbleUpon was only some kind of community for websurfers. However, this week, I saw a lot of traffics from StumbleUpon in Google Analystic. I did some researches online, then I finally realized we could get much more free traffics from StumbleUpon.

What exactly is StumbleUpon? StumbleUpon is a little different from the social bookmarking websites like Digg and However, all these three system are working excellently on getting big traffic to your websites. StumbleUpon has now over a million users, it brings you lower traffic than Digg or, but which still means a lot. Webmasters will never refuse more traffic. More details of StumbleUpon and how it works could be found out directly from their About Page.

So now, let’s see how could we get more traffic from StumbleUpon.

* Getting involved in the community : Yes! Just do what other Stumblers are doing in StumbleUpon, let’s add more friends and rate more websites! Rating websites is just like the way in Digg, the more you rate, the bigger quantity of StumbleUpon users who have the same interests as you will come across your website. Getting more friends will increase the chance, that your newly added web pages will be shown to more people.

* Content is the king : No matter what kind of way we are working on to get more traffic, the contents on our websites are the key feature. Only the interesting and useful contents will get more and stably increasing traffic. So, if we want to get more traffic from StumbleUpon, we need to do the same things: Write good articles, choose attractive titles, add more tags, and so on.

* stumbleXchange, an useful tool : Read more here to get involved in this great system. You could build up your SU networks easily in stumbleXchange. I think, the biggest reason ZoIMarketing is getting more and more traffic from SU is, I spend a few minutes everyday in stumbleXchange.

We all know, traffic means everything to our websites. Wish you could find something you need in this article.

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