A Better SEO Mouse Trap

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, „Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door.“ This is as true today as it was over 70-years ago when Emerson was alive however in the information age, we must expound on the words in detail. „Build a more effective and appealing mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.“ The fact is we are now even more competitive for market share as we were back in the early 1900’s thanks, in most part, to the advent of the Internet.

Everyone wants to be first, to be the best. However in business, being first is not just desirable, but often essential, for survival. Competition is so fierce that even the tiniest differences can mean success or failure, survival or extinction. Nowhere is this truer than the chosen venue of the Internet.

Just because you have a great product or service doesn’t guarantee success or even survival in the Internet jungle of website mania. And just because you have a great website doesn’t mean you will succeed, either. You could have the best product or service known to man and the best website on the planet to showcase your business, but unless people see it, what good is it doing you? None.

If you took the prettiest girl in school to the prom with a sack on her head, no one would see her. You might as well have taken your grandmother. So how do you go about getting the prettiest girl in school, or your business, noticed?

Take the sack off her head.

Now you go from being „Mr. Wallflower“ with a faceless girl, to the center of attention. Everyone huddles around you and your now sack-less beauty queen, wanting to see more and get a closer look. You’re getting the picture now, right?

So, how do you take the sack off the head of your business, which is lingering in obscure website hell, and get it the attention it deserves?

Simple. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the adjustment of web pages to satisfy certain criteria in order to attain a decent position on the search engines. Translation? When someone „Google’s“ a query looking for a product or service you might have, you will come up on some earlier page than 114, hopefully near the top.

You see, in order for people to see your website, they must first find it. Or in most cases, it must find them. Enter SEO’s.

Search engine results segue between potential customers to your website. For this reason, it is crucial that your website is listed within the top 30 results for the specific and relevant keywords, which you believe will bring you the most traffic. Optimization is an ongoing process, one that requires a consistent and regulated maintenance schedule. It is important to work within search engine guidelines in order to effectively optimize and promote the content of your website.

Now that you see the need of SEO’s to get and keep your pretty girl’s face front and center, you’re probably asking yourself the next logical question.

Which SEO Company should I choose? Back to the Internet jungle you go. But before you dive in, consider another old axiom from the Romans. „Experiencia docet“ meaning experience teaches. How true. You wouldn’t trust your girlfriend with the new guy in town, and you shouldn’t trust your business to the same guy in the SEO world.

About the Author

Kat Johann is a freelance writer living with her husband Matt in New Hampshire. If you liked this article on Google Rankings, you’ll really enjoy learning how to take the bag off your „pretty girl’s“ head with more info that can be found on All Eyes On The Web