5 Critical Factors You Should Know About SEO To Build Your Site Ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization marketing used properly, is effective at getting a website organically highly ranked in the search engines eyes, like google, yahoo and MSN.

To become ranked on the first page of a particular niche, or even #1 on page 1 is the holy grail of SEO.

You see whilst SEO is virtually free, it does cost a lot of time to get the strategy right. That said, you can achieve #1 ranking when the sponsored pay-per-click (PPC) ads on page 1 can be costing up to $5 or more per click, to be where you are for free!

This is the attraction of SEO, if you don’t want to, or can’t spend a lot of money with google adwords, then SEO is your only alternative. Because if you are stuck down on page 5 or 10 or 20 your marketing ability is severely limited.

So, what are the 5 key factors necessary to achieving a page 1 ranking in the search engines when using SEO?

1. What Doesn’t Work In SEO To Improve Your Ranking

A lot is said about including your niche keyword into the title of your website/article, and then including it again in the body every 100 words or so.

Nobody knows exactly how googles algorithm works, its complex and robotic in nature. It does however, pay less attention to what’s actually on a website, than to who is linking to or voting for the site.

Ranking wise, it has as little as 2-percent to do with the reason for a sites rank, so you can’t spread your keyword all over the place and leave it at that!

2. What Your Competition Is Doing

You need to look at the existing top 10 ranked sites for your niche keyword(s), and analize why they are where they are.

You need to know what there exact keywords are. How many pages have links and where do they link to. Is anchor text being used, and what is it. How many backlinks do they have from other sites.

This leads us neatly onto the next important factor.

3. Who Is Linking To Them

Are they authority sites, what is their pagerank (PR), how many are .com’s, .gov’s, or .net’s etc.

What are their names and are they relevent to the niche or not. What is their relation to each other, and how does this help to achieve their current ranking.

4. What You Have To Do To Your Site To Get It Ranked #1

Put simply, you have to emulate them, but to rank over them, you have to be a little smarter.

You have to get your own authority links, more than your competitors have. Link to high PR sites, to high PR competitors, to relevent directories. Ensure your links are higher ranked, more relevent, and in greater number.

5. Find The Most Relevent And Highly Ranked Authority Websites To Link To Your Site

This is the hard part. Searching for the types of links mentioned above, maintaining relevency, actually obtaining the backlinks, this is all very time consuming.

It is an art which takes time to master, but is very rewarding as you watch your site’s ranking climb until you are ranked #1!

There are 2 ways to conduct your search engine optimization marketing; you either pay for it done by professionals, or you do it yourself.

If you pay for it, then you must deduct it from your return on investment (ROI), as in PPC marketing. If however you do it yourself, then it becomes FREE, except for the SEO software you will need to purchase, but this can be spread over any number of projects to limit the impact on your ROI to a few dollars.

Oh yes, you will need some specialized software for the task of accumulating knowledge on your competitors, to formulate your stategy, and to find and implement the high PR website backlinks you are going to need.

On paper it doesn’t look so easy I grant you, but with the right software it becomes less of a task, and you may enjoy the art of SEO!

About the Author

Making money on the internet through online marketing is the authors main line of business. Sometimes it’s quick and easy, but sometimes it takes more determination and a greater input to achieve the goal.

Website marketing and SEO is an integral part to succeeding online. You can read more on search engine optimization marketing here.