4 Steps to Make Money With Search Engine Optimization

It’s always best that when you have a website, you aim of getting indexed in search engines, such as in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You cannot definitely imagine how many Internet users all over the world are visiting them every day. Certainly, when you gain a good spot in them, you can generate the traffic that you’ve always dreamed of for your website.

So how do you list yourself in search engines? Here are 4 steps to make money with search engine optimization.

1. Vary your anchor links
. You may make use of the same anchor text, but make sure that they direct to different pages. Better yet, to be in a safer position, vary your anchor texts and links all together. You don’t like to make your articles appear like they are only created to stuff all of your links.

2. Provide your target customers some more. There are many benefits you can get when you give your customers more than what they want. If you can offer them ezines and even free stuff such as ebooks, courses, tutorials, and what-have-yous, they will be more than willing to link to your or share your website with others.

3. Create variations in your title tags. Never dare to underestimate the smartness of search engine spiders. They can definitely detect if you are doing black hat techniques to increase the popularity of your website and get a page rank right away. Thus, to avoid getting penalties from search engines, create different titles in your title tag. For one, it should match the webpage. Second, it’s simply the right thing to do.

4. Avoid keyword stuffing in keyword tag. The keyword tag of websites allows you to identify the keywords and phrases that can best describe your website. It makes you more search engine friendly. However, keyword stuffing or spamming is definitely frowned upon.

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