26 Tips get free traffic to your blog

There is actually infinite number of ways to get free traffic to your blog. In this article, I will reveal some tips to get free traffic to your blog.

26 Tips to get free traffic to your blog:
1. Optimize you blog for search engines to get free blog traffic from search engines.(Note: It is easier to get traffic to blog than a website)
2. Put targeted keyword in post title and post content. Make variations in keywords
3. Make use of images if possible. This attracts visitors and make them visit again. 4. Submit your blog url to top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing(MSN).
5. Submit your blog url to directories with high page rank to get free traffic from directories
6. Submit article to popular article directories on the internet. This will also give one way backlink to your blog and help in increase blog ranking in search engines
7. Post comments on related blogs, forums etc. Provide some useful information to the readers so that visitors on that blog or forum click on your blog url to find more about you. Be the first to give comments. Comment on DoFollow sites as well as NoFollow sites.
8. Post classified advertisements on popular classifieds ads site.
9. Get backlinks or inbound links from related sites. This will also help your blog rank higher in search engines. You may use blogroll.com to find to find other bloggers who are interested to exchange link with you.
10. Make use of press release effectively.
11. Publish newsletter. Always provide useful information. It should not look only sales copy.
12. Do survey of issues that are happening in your industry and publish the results on these issues on your blog.
13. Join twitter and advertise your blog there.
14. Advertise your blog on youtube by putting video related to your site.
15. Give away free stuff with your blog url to your visitors.
16. Publish RSS feeds with good quality content.
17. Make use of social networking sites effectively.
18. Participate in valuable link exchange programs as well as free traffic programs.
19. Do the offline advertisement of your blog like putting site url on your car.
20. Post one post per 3 days
21. Advertise your blog on Technorati
22. Use autopinger.com to ping your blog posts
23. Get quality backlinks to your blog.
24. Use blogcatalog.com to find related blogs and get links from these.
25. Make friendship with other bloggers.
26. Use boardtracker.com to find forums related to your blog topic.
These tips surely help you get free traffic to your blog. For any help related to search engine optimization, visit SEO techniques

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