Microsoft bing: pros and cons

Microsoft has unveiled its re energized search engine „Bing“, after building upon improvement concepts of its original search engine „Live Search“. While the previous Live Search engine might have a narrow range of hits for each search term, the Bing seems to have come up with impressive additions to make your browsing experience pleasant.
The first thing is the „related searches“ attribute. Now, for every search term that you enter into Bing, you will get a list of search results and also a short list of related search results visible nicely on the left side of the computer screen. This makes the browsing experience of either a novice computer user or an experienced researcher more time-saving …

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SEO Trends 2010: Understanding Google Places

Google has recently launched a new service called Google Places that is aimed at promoting local businesses on its search engine. More importantly, this service is separate from the paid services such as the Ad Words program. Google Places has been initiated with a few US cities and it is bound to grow bigger every week.
It is essentially a method of increasing the chances of a business being highlighted on the Google Search Page when a query for a local business is made. Please understand that this service seems to be aimed at the regional side of business listings. Hence, queries that are made for a particular city, province, street or even a neighborhood are …

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SEO For Sports Blogs

The terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Social Networking meant nothing to me before I became a professional blogger. However, I learned quickly how vital these online marketing tools are for a successful sports blog. Allow me to share with you three tips on increasing the readership of your blog or website at only the cost of your time.
1 – Write for the Web. I used to blog professionally for a newspaper website. My blog numbers always well above everyone else’s on the website. This is significant because I was competing against actual sports writers and authors. These beat writers were published in major newspapers and magazines and were regular sports talk radio guests. By …

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3 Blockbuster SEO Tips to Boost Traffic

In listening to many professionals dispensing seo tips you are led to believe that without hired help you can not do it yourself. The point behind optimizing your sites and content is to attract free search engine traffic which is the most highly targeted traffic you can get online. Effective search engine optimization however does not have to be difficult or complicated to explain. In fact there are several search optimization techniques you can easily apply on your own that will begin to attract free online traffic in no time.
Here are 3 particularly effective search engine optimization tactics you can begin implementing as early as today!
Create a Blog
One of the easiest ways to increase the …

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Getting Backlinks through Article Submission

Article submission is a popular way of establishing the presence of a company on the internet. Many large and small businesses use article submission to promote their websites.
Nowadays, small business no longer uses traditional media to promote their site. Examples of traditional media include television, radio, and magazine advertisements. One way to build the company reputation is to submitting to the article directories. Popular article directories receive millions of visitors per month. If your article is interesting, many people will come to view your article. In the article, you are allowed to include two active links in the resource box. To insert a link, you need to use the insert full URL, for example …

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Why You Must Follow Directory Submission Guidelines

Directory submission guideline is set up to reduce spam submission. Many years ago, directories don’t implement submission guidelines. As a result, many people abuse the submission form by submitting pornography and gambling site. The directory owners have to spend a lot of time to review the listing and delete the spam submission. It takes a lot of time to spot the spam submission and delete them. As a result, the directory owner has setup their own submission guidelines to make the editing process easier.
Every directory has its own submission guidelines. The submission guidelines must be followed by the webmasters. It is important to read the submission guidelines when performing a directory submission. Some directories will …

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Google discloses Adsense Revenue Share Formula

In the wake of increasing competition by hundreds of online affiliate advertising sources, Google is beginning to feel the pain of lost revenue. For years professional bloggers have complained that they felt hindered by not knowing how to calculate projected ad revenue as it has been a closely guarded Google secret.
Today, Google published the formula in an effort to retain what ad publishers it has left and to win back those who have abandoned them for other providers. As a result, the competition will only grow larger now that everyone can mathematically compile their projected earnings.
Unfortunately the results weren’t very pleasing. Google claims to pay 68% of all ad revenue to the publisher. While seemingly …

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