Give Your Website Rankings Instant Boost With Aggressive Off-Page Optimization

In order to rank your website on top of search engine results you spend your endless time and hard earned money. There are several aspects in Internet Marketing and Search Engine optimization that can help you in getting top ranks in search engines easily. However, if you have just started your online business and looking forward to an easy way of getting top ranks without spending lots of money on Paid Links Submission or paid contextual advertising (like Pay per Click), then off-page optimization can provide a relief to your pocket without compromising your ranks in search engines.
What Exactly is Off-Page Optimization Off-Page optimization deals with the promotion of your website through various means. Article …

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Concerned over web site search engine optimization search results?

The credibility of web site search engine optimization search results has been the subject of major debates for many years. How reliable are the search results and how much can you trust them to bring up relevant information?
When search engine optimisation or SEO first became an important tactic in online marketing the result was a littering of spam results that showed great inventiveness of the SEO specialists.
Amongst the many search engine spam techniques are keywords unrelated to site, redirects, keyword stuffing, mirror/duplicate content, tiny text, doorway pages, link farms, cloaking, keyword stacking, domain spam and more where that came from. A whole new art form of rearranging the search engine results.
Of course the search engines …

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Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Highly Effective Marketing Techniques

Day by day, new techniques are being developed to maximize the number of visitors to websites by enhancing your marketing strategy. So it is very important to stay up-to-date with the current market scenarios and strategies. Almost all of the information is available on the internet, but it’s really time consuming to find the methods that work and separate those techniques from the hype. With a billion sites around us, it is nearly impossible to check every website displayed for a particular keyword in your search engines. Furthermore, it is impossible for you to verify that information, unless you are an expert in that field. At some point we need to rely on the experts …

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SE-News: Tazoodle

Google has dominated the search engines for over a decade now and there is no indication that it is slowing down. Its advertising revenue in 2008, for example, significantly exceeded its 2007 earnings. Online searchers using the Google portal in 2008 initiated billions of searches – impressive numbers.
Tazoodle is a new generation of search engine set to compete with Google. Created by Steve Duval and his advisory board, Tazoodle is set to wage war with all the top search engines. What makes the new search engine a worthy competitor is the fact that it offers a unique business model – sharing its revenue with both advertisers and search engine users.
Although still in pre-launch phase, Tazoodle …

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Keyword density

Some will say that 2% to 8% is the ideal density of keywords for SEO purposes. Others claim that optimum density for Google is specifically 2% and that anything higher will result in your site being penalized. For Yahoo and MSN, they specify a 5% keyword density. But is it really?
In my experience as an SEO writer, most internet marketers require keyword seeding density at 10% or higher. Now, if Google, which happens to be the most popular search engine in the internet, does indeed penalize websites with keywords seeded at more than 2%, don’t you think that it’s senseless for my clients to ask for more than 2% seeding?
Since Google, Yahoo and MSN began …

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Latent Semantic Indexing | SEO Traffic Spider – Increase Website Traffic

To put in a layman’s terms, latent semantic indexing (LSI) is a technique of indexing- analyzing, listing or categorizing certain keywords or phrases in the contents of various websites, books or documents in such a way that they have contextually and conceptually the same or related intent and meaning despite the different words used in them.
The technique used in latent semantic indexing aims at finding the keywords in the text that carry a latent relationship in structure and usage. The idea behind the concept of LSI is to collect data that is conceptually akin in meaning and context to the search queries entered by the searchers in the search engines. The search results may, therefore …

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How can you reduce high bounce rate of website?

Companies and businesses are taking their web presence very seriously these days. The rise in the awareness about web analytics has led to the webmasters to focus on the various aspects of internet marketing. High bounce rate is one such area of concern for the internet marketing professionals and the webmasters as it can prove to be fatal for the online business. Bounce rate means the number of visitors who after logging in to the landing page does not surf other pages of the website. The high number of bouncers will result into bad online business for the website owner. Here are certain reasons responsible for the high bounce rate and avoiding them can minimize …

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Positive and Negative Factors of Local Search Ranking

A recent study done by David Mihm among 27 prominent bloggers and practitioners of local search engine marketing showed the following factors that positively affect local search rankings in Google and Yahoo, beginning from the most helpfull:
1. Having the local business listing in the city where the searcher is in
2. Having citations from the major data providers
3. Being associated with the proper categories in local business listings
4. Having claimed the local business listing
5. Having the product or service keywords and key phrases in the local business listing title
6. Having off-page criteria such as directory listings
7. Having a high volume of customer reviews
8. Having high quality customer reviews
9. Having strong on-page website criteria, such as domain …

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